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Feb 25th
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Home Boxing MY FAVORITES - Diego Corrales - Greg Haugen
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MY FAVORITES - Diego Corrales - Greg Haugen

greg-haugen-diego-corralesThis is a place I have not yet gone in my writing.  For over twelve years, I have been making predictions, covering fights, conducting interviews, as well as giving analysis and opinions.  In that time, many people have asked me, "who's your favorite fighter?"  I'll admit, I've never been much of a favorites guy.  I don't have any one favorite song, color, food, or place.  However, I can usually give a longer winded answer that reveals a few of the top picks in any one category.  In boxing, however, I have never really thought of it.  

I have always been content to enjoy the sport.  As I have now spent nearly half the time I have been a fan engaging the sports other fans in a journalistic capacity, I have put myself in neutral for far too long.  Now, after some thinking, I have come to realize there are a few fighters for whom I will always make no attempt to show my lack of bias.  These guys are the ones I would always cheer for, even if I was the only guy in the room doing so.  

Diego Corrales
Long before his tragic death and bloody battles made him a beloved legend in boxing, Corrales was an excited new champion.  In 2000, he took his time with an equally excited young reporter, who was covering his first press conference.  Chico never made me feel as out of place as I must have looked, before talking to him.  It is a selfish reason to like a fighter, but it helped me cheer him on in every fight he had.  

He was also a rare fighter who would show his human side.  He did not merely chalk up his bravado to machismo.  He was very transparent with his demons, giving us all a glimpse into the vulnerability that made one of the sport's best people.  Corrales was never able to overcome those demons long enough for us to properly thank him for all the thrills he gave to boxing, but I cannot think of a fight where I was not hoping he'd win.

Greg Haugen
Ok, so this comes from genuine bias, too.  Haugen was a west coast white guy who won world titles.  Name another in the last 50 years.  Denny Moyer is the only one I can think of.  Haugen came to pro boxing after beating much bigger fighters in Toughman contests.  He barely got to fight at home, and usually did not perform well there.  He got off on shutting up the opponent's crowd.  He would not let Italians, Irishmen, Puerto Ricans or Mexicans "national pride" him out of the room.  There was no topping his trash talking.  He even got the better of Camacho, by making the Macho Man lose his cool.  

Haugen would take you on, and all of your bodyguards in the parking lot afterwards, if you crossed him.  And he'd do it all while smirking like a wise-ass.  Name another fighter brave enough to take on JC Chavez in front of 130,000 fans in Mexico City, after insulting him, and entering the ring to "Born In The USA"?!!  The definition of brass balls is Greg Haugen.  Often overlooked when people discuss the great 80's/90's fighters, his only dominant losses were to Whittaker and Chavez.  That is hardly anything to be ashamed of.

Chris Strait

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This website is amazing. I will tell about it to my friends and anybody that could be interested in this subject. Great work guys!
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