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Feb 28th
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julio-cesar-chavez-jr-vs-andy-leeJulio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs Andy Lee
JCC Jr. is returning to Texas, where it's easy to get away with corruption.  Not to mention, his name is Chavez, which means he will be getting the benefit of the doubt anyway.  It is also a Top Rank card, and a Lou DiBella opponent.  Add to that, that Chavez Jr has seemingly been blessed with his father's chin and tough skin (in Chavez Sr.'s early career at least), and you have one heck of an uphill climb for the Irishman.  I think Lee would have been better served taking on Sergio Martinez in an all DiBella matchup for the legit title, but clearly his promoters think he has a better chance at the young Mexican.  They are wrong.  Chavez legtimitate boxing skills are nothing to scoff at, either.  He is not just hype and corruption anymore.  Actually, I think it is more Lee who has been built up a bit out of proportion.  My guess is that it is a pretty even fight, until a small cut or a slight wobble causes the referee to intervene early.  Chavez by mid-late round TKO.

Winky Wright vs. Peter Quillin
Wright made the right decision to walk away when he did.  A dominating loss to Paul Williams could have been chalked up to Williams work rate, and a bad style matchup, but Quillin is a bit different.  Not that he isn't vulnerable, but a defensive minded fighter is not going to bother him.  Wright has a lot to gain, as if he wins... he will almost certainly end up in the ring with a Middleweight beltholder.  he would be a name, but vulnerable opponent for the cowards that reign there (except Martinez and his recent opponents)  He won't gain it, though.  Wright just needs a bit more convincing that it is over.  Quillin will provide it.  Quillin by wide UD.

Eddie Chambers vs. Tomasz Adamek
Chambers can look like a world beater when he is motivated, and in front of the right lumbering opponent.  However, I feel the more motivated fighter with something to prove would be Adamek.  Many of the most competitive fights come between recent failed title shot contenders.  The loser here is at the back of the line, while the winner maybe has a chance fo facing a Klitschko next... the opposite one they have lost to.  If I were them, I would go after Povetkin.  The asinine championship rules of the WBA allow for a bargaining chip to be won, and for a fighter to erroneously call themselves a champion.  It is a good move that they are facing each other, and Thompson and Arreola should have followed suit, instead of waiting in line for a second beating.  Adamek's jab should keep Chambers quiet enough to build a lead.  A lead too big to overcome when Chambers makes his move, and closes the gap.  Adamek by close-ish decision.

Chris Strait

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