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Feb 25th
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boxing_images-2021I've been covering this sport for a long time, and there are things I notice, that I rarely hear anything about from other fans/writers/fighters.  there are many things to love and hate about boxing, that we all mention... however, I feel alone in noticing certain aspects of the sport, and I just thought I'd make a bit of a list here:

Things I love about boxing, that I wish people would mention:

1) Guys with tassle trunks getting KO'd.  I don't begrudge anyone a fashion sense, but these guys are almost always light-hitting trash talkers who stink out the joint, and eventually get caught with a big punch.  I don't usually favor the brawler, but in this case, I typically do.

2) The desperation filler bout that turns out to be the best televised fight.  You can tell they didn't want to put on the fight... but they have 2 hours to fill, and unlike HBO or Showtime, they cannot do so with reruns of original shows.  Too many early KO's, and that 4-4 versus 1-6-1 fighter has to go on.  Sometimes that turns out to be the only competitive match, and if the fans stayed, it is even the loudest.  That young prospect who thought he was getting tv time to destroy a no-hoper now is forgotten while a SCAB gets the temporary fame.  I love it.

3) The foreign fighter who doesn't thank God.  This might just be me, but I wish people would mention how embarassing it is that 95% of the time, only an American thinks God gives a rat's ass about his boxing match.  I love it when the 3rd world guy, who has a lot more to be thankful for, omits that nonsense.  I wish someone else would point it out.

4) Fans of both MMA and boxing.  They are everywhere I look, and they keep both sports going as much as the individual die-hards, but there is still this image of the fans of each art opposing one another.  It's inaccurate, and if Dana White and Floyd Mayweather would shut up, maybe people would realize it.

Things I hate about boxing, that I wish people would mention:
1) Californian and English referees waving off fights too soon.  They almost all do it, virtually every fight... and it's almost always in favor of the favorite.  Why does every commentator act surprised by this, and don't they know until we mention it ad nauseum, it will never stop?

2) Sauerland Promotions.  Everything about them, except the crowds they draw.  And even that bothers me, because that's more fans getting screwed by their corruption.  Every decision is corrupt, and it is not even hidden.  They are evil men doing very well, and if that doesn't bother you, you're evil, too.

3) Julio Cesar Chavez fans.  I actually liked watching JCC.  He was always exciting.  He is a legit hall of famer, 3 division champion, and one of the top 3 mexican fighters of all time... but this God-like adoration he receives is over the top, and not deserved.  He padded his record, and lost many fights in his career, that went his way because he had Don King and the WBC in his back pocket.  He was also getting screwed financially by these associations, so it wasn't even worth it.  If you talk to his fans, however, they have the audacity to act as if his 89-0 mark was legit, and that he belongs in the discussion of the top ten of all time.  Simply ignorant.

4) Network TV ignoring boxing.  We always are hearing talk of some kind of a return, but these reality TV loving idiots don't ever seem to follow through.  What is more 'real" than showing a sport with the history of boxing.  Nascar participants die on national TV all the time, so it can't be the injury risk.  Tyson's fame from HBO and PPV showed promoters that they don't need national TV, and they have never been back.  Trouble is, older people often stick to network, and they remember boxing's heydey.  It's an untapped market.  The TV suits try to wade in when we make it look dumbed down as a reality show (The Contender, etc.) but I agree with late great comedian Greg Giraldo.. "we already have a TV show to determine the best boxer, it's called "boxing".

Chris Strait

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Love to see this every day !
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