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Jun 05th
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What We Deserve

boxing_art_05Edison Miranda and Sergio Martinez do not deserve their title shots, but neither did George Foreman against Michael Moorer, nor Sugar Ray Leonard against Marvin Hagler.  Am I predicting similar upsets?  Not at all... especially in Miranda's case, but sometimes the same TV friendly style that gets them the free passes, also creates drama in their favor.  If Pavlik hasn't learned to control distance against a slick counterpuncher (the one type of fighter he couldn't control distance against) he will be in for a tougher fight than some expect.  And if Goossen is correct about Miranda's renewed stamina, he always has the chance of Bute getting exhausted down the stretch.  The only problem is, as Bute showed against Andrade, not everyone makes it down the stretch.
David Haye does not deserve a crack at either Klitschko.  No one deserves to sit through Haye vs. Valuev 2, as will likely happen, but Haye has not earned the shot yet.  His heavyweight resume consists of four wins.  The recent TKO over a shot Ruiz, a decision over an overhyped Valuev that had just "lost" to a 46 year old Holyfield, a journeyman in Monte Barrett, and a "who?" in Tomasz Bonin.  That is all!  He is all hype with a belt and good marketing until he delivers against a Chagaev, Chambers, Povetkin, Arreola, or Adamek.  At least those guys were going after, and beating, the other true contenders before getting their ill-fated shots at the Ukranian champions.
Roman Karmazin deserved to fight Sebastian Sylvester in his hometown of St. Petersburg.  I don't know what happened that led to that fight taking place in Germany, with Sylvester getting the advantage yet again, but "Made in Hell" will have a hell of a time getting a decision now.  And yes, I enjoy seeing home-court promoters forced to give up that advantage and play fair, but allowing a fighter to fight his whole career at home really cheats everyone, including the protected fighter.  Look at how much time and momentum Sergei Dzindruk has lost trying to break away from the nest.
Danny Green deserves a title shot against a belt-holding cruiserweight, and Guillermo Jones deserves a fight, ANY FIGHT, so let's make this happen soon.  Anthony Mundine deserves nothing but to be forced to prove himself in a rematch with Daniel Geale, plus he and Green are now three divisions apart.  Therefore, there is no reason left for Green to remain an Australian domestic fighter.  Green could also add life to a division that is very stagnant in all countries except Germany.  Perhaps a "Square Ring Revenge" match against Roy Jones' promoted BJ Flores would be interesting, too.
Floyd Mayweather Jr. deserves respect.  Period.  I won't say I approve of his every move.  I won't even say I'll be cheering for him on May 1.  However, history is actually beginning to allow annoying behavior to undermine results.  He's fairly beaten everyone he's faced, and usually not by a little.  He's also only held WBC and Ring Magazine belts, in this day of trinkets everywhere.  He's also beaten the best fighter in all five divisions in which he's competed (even if he beat Hatton at welter instead of junior welter).  He is also trying to force fighters to prove they are clean.  If his ego seems out of check, consider this:  How would you react if you were being marginalized and hated because you perfected your craft?  Only in fighting sports are athletes worshipped for lousy defense.  He could lose to Mosley and Pacquiao, and he would still be a first ballot hall-of-famer if there is any fairness.  That's how consistently good he is, and has been.
Chris Strait

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