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Dec 03rd
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marghertia_valentiniThis is intriguing. Jesus Chavez has always been a very tough match for boxing's best and sometimes exposed a champion or contender or two. He comes to fight and fight hard with a relentless attack. If not well prepared for and underestimated, Chavez will take you out and not let you pass his gate. Chavez has a lot of ring experience and, subsequently, the wear that comes with fighting so many rounds. It will be interesting to see if the Michael Katsidis fight took it's toll on this warrior. Chavez is now in what was Katsidis' position in his last fight vs. Vicente Escobedo for the WBO interim lightweight title. Will he have enough left in his tank to pass David Diaz and possible move on to a bigger match-up for bigger money or a title? David Diaz's last fight was a loss to Manny Pacquiao which is no negative on the majority of records of fighters that have lost to the Filipino. When Diaz clashed with Erik Morales, he was successful where Chavez was not. On paper, this could be a tough one for Diaz...or not...depending on who enforces his will. Both fighters have similar styles and tough will be interesting to see who moves on to a possible world title match up. Which lightweight takes the title belt? There are a lot of lightweights and junior welterweights out there right now, putting on some great performances and many worthy to wear any of the belts. Escobedo showed he has heart and skill and can take a world class punch. Paul Spadafora - if he can still make lightweight - just getting back into action , would be a great addition to the mix. Juan Diaz was very successful campaigning in the lightweight division but as he moved up for good? Acelino Freitas is strong as a pure lightweight even junior lightweight. Juan Manuel Marquez could walk away with yet another belt in the lightweight match ups - he has always been a beloved fan favorite...Paul Malignaggi, if he can make lightweight and still be strong...there are enough “Bulls” and boxers with marquee drawing power to light up a division brawl. Who ever knows?...

From "Arreola: Living On Dreams" by Margherita Valentini

“This is the fight of my life”, says Arreola.
He's right. This is a pivotal and career-changing fight. Vitali Klitschko has fought the best heavyweights in the world and has, most times, come out on top. He has a solid chin, as was apparent in the 2003 Lennox Lewis fight. His style differs from his brother, IBF/WBO heavyweight champ Wladimir. Vitali has a long reach and tends to throw punches at odd angles. He is strong and very aggressive and has a world of experience that he brings into the ring with him. Arreola is as aware of his defense and countering as he is of his potent offensive game. He has a chin too. Nice combinations, coupled with a devastating overhand right. The power is there and at 6'4”, 230-plus pounds. It is very real and it has dropped some notable opponents. Arreola is young but has a lot of experience in the ring. The best thing about Cristobal Arreola is that he is so relaxed in the ring. I think his conditioning will play a big part in him winning this fight.
This is it. Arreola has more than an opportunity to become heavyweight champ. He has the skills, the power and the mental and physical experiences to guide him through any fight; never mind a world title fight. This is traditionally how the belt is passed on, if it is passed on at all. And boxing is filled with classic "changing of the guard" story line: Jack Dempsey vs. Gene Tunney, Jim Corbett vs. John O. Sullivan, Mike Tyson vs. Trevor Berbick and even David Tua vs. Michael Moorer, Tua vs. John Ruiz and Hasim Rahman vs. Lennox Lewis I. These match-ups are always legendary because both corners are fierce world-class competitors. The time was right to make history. Hopefully this fight will be no different.

E-mail Margherita at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . For Margherita Valentini merchandise or art, please visit

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Javier Mora has been kicking around in boxing gyms for awhile , this looks like a pretty even match up , with Mora it all depends on how he is training. If he is putting the miles in on the road or not and if he put the rounds in at the gym. Mora has more experience against better competition and can hang with the best of them - in the gym and in a fight. I watched him spar many rounds with top heavyweights and he is a resilient guy and has skills - the outcome all depends on how much time he dedicated to training for this fight.....

John Molina definitely should come out on top in this match up! Efren Hinojosa is a very experienced , skilled fighter & former title holder. However he has not had great success with world class contentions. If Molina wants to reach that world class level of championship fighter status he absolutely needs to get past this tough test / gate-keeper....

This is something that puts a smile on my face and i am very happy to see! Salvador Sanchez II , the nephew of the late Great Salvador Sanchez "Chava" - WBC world featherweight champion , is fighting on the card. His uncle was a tremendous fighter and beat the best in his division in his time ; Wilfredo Gomez , Azumah Nelson , Danny Lopez ( los angelino! , i can't tell you how many times i stared into the eyes of this fighter's picture while hitting the speed bag at the gym.) , he even crossed gloves with Felix Trinidad Sr. Sadly , the most glorious part of his career to come was cut short by a tragic and suspicious automobile accident. I hope Salvador Sanchez II continues the Championship legacy and holds a very successful account of himself in the ring Saturday nite and in the whole of his career in the squared circle!
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