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Oct 24th
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Home Boxing Las Vegas Police Department confirms arrest of Boxing trainer Roger Mayweather
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Las Vegas Police Department confirms arrest of Boxing trainer Roger Mayweather

melissa_st_vil_boxingOnly a week after Melissa St. Vil found her self dodging the menacing jabs of six-time amateur national champion Jennifer Han of El Paso, whom she defeated, she found herself fighting for her life with Roger Mayweather, the uncle and trainer of Floyd Mayweather in a Las Vegas condo. According to “Little Miss Tyson”, Roger Mayweather forced himself into her condo and began threatening her. A struggle ensued with Mayweather socking St Vil in the face and ribs, then choking her. St Vil apparently defended herself by grabbing a lamp and smashing it over Mayweather’s head.

Police were called and Mayweather was arrested and charged with 1 count of coercion force and hammered with a second count of battery with strangulation. Mayweather is currently in jail under a $13,000 bond.  "Roger Mayweather is an ignorant man. You go to the dictionary you see the word ignorant, you see his picture" stated St Vil in a recorded You Tube interview. “Roger Mayweather is a pad man. He may be the worlds biggest pad man but trainer, I don't think so".

Melissa St. Vil  vs. Jennifer Han EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS click here.

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Super Mes  - Las Vegas Police Department confirms arrest of Box |
This website is amazing. I will tell about it to my friends and anybody that could be interested in this subject. Great work guys!
Jawbone  - Will Not Tap Out |
Son-of-a-gun, Melissa is even tougher than I imagined. If these events are true, Mayweather needs to go bye-bye. Melissa just had a war with Jennifer Han in Las Cruces, NM, and escaped with a close decision. From her own words and if they are substantiated, she doesn't put up with any crap even from boxing's top guns in the training profession. Kudo's to her for fighting back and not succumbing to the brutality she might have and likely did endure from a possibly enraged bigger man acting like a thug. This is a 'black-eye' boxing didn't need as the paying public and attendance are down in nearly all venues. However, Melissa may have fought her way into stardom a bit by demonstrating extraordinary fighting skills against a suspected mugger. I know I will pay to see her in the ring again.
A note to Jennifer Han You will have to prepare for war in women's professional boxing. Your division is stacked with talent and individual toughness. There are no cupcakes and marshmellows to build a superflous record with as most male fighter management does; women rule many of boxing's domains and as much as some of us are dismayed to warch a beauty bleed and have their exquisite bodies pummeled and hurt, it is the way it is. Without a doubt, it may take a heavy dose of excellent women fighters to bring boxing fans back to the arena and the television networks.
Again, congrats to Melissa for fighting fire with fire twice in a few days. You are a winner if I surmise correctly that the horrific events that transpired are true. One thing for sure, MMA practitioners will line up to savor your performances and applaud the fact that you didn't tap out.

Tom 'the Wizard' McKay
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