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Jul 23rd
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Home Boxing Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin calls out the Middleweight division
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Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin calls out the Middleweight division


 He is entertaining, young, crafty, hard hitting, undefeated and a contender, and Peter Quillin 20-0 (15) wants  a title shot, and is willing to call out the entire middleweight division to get his gold.
For four years now “Kid Chocolate” has been electrifying the fans with his exciting ring presence, and after beating the likes of David Estrada (1st R. TKO), Antwun Echols (UD) and Sam Hill (10th R. TKO), Quillin wants his shot at a belt. When asked by this writer if I was talking to a future champ, Pete eagerly replied, “yes you are”!
In this exclusive interview conducted by Convicted Artist Magazine, Quillin speaks out on his hunger to earn a title, enjoy.
Benny Henderson Jr.
As always I appreciate the call, and I know you called me for a reason, so what do you want to say brother?
Peter Quillin
I definitely want to tell people for the most part, for the people that has been following my career, they should know how many rounds I have been scheduled to fight. I had twenty fights, been scheduled one hundred and twenty-six rounds, out of those I went sixty-eight rounds, and only lost only six rounds out of that sixty-eight. All the opponents they put me against have been durable opponents. I have proved that I have a chin, I have proved that I can go the distance and the rounds and be stronger towards the end of the fight. I win and I win big! What more can I do that with then fighting a guy like Kelly Pavlik? I think that would be a good fight that the fans would love to see, I am dying for a title shot. I think I deserve one. I have proved myself so let’s get it on!
Why Kelly Pavlik?
He is the champion, why not Kelly Pavlik? Arthur Abraham moved up in  weight, Felix Strum is in Germany, he won’t come to the United States and fight. I’ll go out there and fight Strum in Germany! I want a shot at the IBF title, I would like to fight for any title. But most importantly, what do the people want to see? That is what I want to give them. I am an entertainer, when you are a boxer, we are entertainers, we have to give the fans what they want. SO let’s see what the fans think. That is why I am reaching out to you Benny Henderson and let you know I want to further my career. I am twenty-six years old, I feel like I am in the best shape of my life, I have learned so much about boxing within the last few years, I think I am ready for an opportunity like that to come along.
It is funny that you call me wanting a fight with Kelly Pavlik, today I interviewed Sergio Mora, who has a contract to fight Pavlik. What are your thoughts on that fight?
Let the best man win, but I know what I want, I want a shot at the titles. But I want to ask you a question, out of all the guys you see fighting, who is the most energetic, who is the one you like most talking too? Kid Chocolate, a guy who is always active, I am a fighter that people love to talk about, I gave people this analogy, I am a light and I attract the moths, the fans are the moths, they are attracted to me. They are dying for a superstar, at the middleweight division, I am a star that needs to be there.
You kind of answered my question for me there Pete.
(Laughs) You know me, the kids love me, I am every fighter’s worst nightmare, and the ladies love me, you know how I am. I bring my bag of chocolates to the fights, they expect chocolate after the fights.
See, now you are just trying to win my heart over since I am a big guy.
Hey baby we can cheat every now and then just run an extra mile.
Let’s just say that the Pavlik doesn’t answer the call, who would you fight?
Felix Strum, I want whoever who is fighting for the IBF title, I want to fight for something.
What does Peter Quillin bring to the 160-pound division?
I bring the excitement, when people see me fight they like the way I fight, I am a crowd favorite. I am a person they want to see fight, or outside the ring they want to know how I am doing. That is what I bring to the table, you dig me, like a shovel! I please the fans.
Don’t you have a fight coming up?
August 19th yes, but I am not over looking this opponent, I never over look anybody, I am coming to do what I do, I am trying to make a statement, I am going to win big, that is what I am training to do now. I am ready to fight, I am here to fight. My team has me in the best of mind. I am ready for whoever.
Anything in closing?
I want to thank you Benny for letting me speak, and I want to thank my team, I want to thank everybody. And if you don’t have Jesus Christ in your life, you need to.
I want to thank Peter Quillin for choosing Convicted Artist Magazine to speak his mind, and check out Quillin on his My Space, and Face Book page, he loves to hear from the fans.

Benny Henderson Jr.

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Jim Moore |
Peter, Dare you to fight Sam Soliman in Melbourne, Australia for the right to fight Daniel Geale for the IBF title. Sam is loved in Australia & has fought the best.
About time you fought a real quality fighter. If you happen to win you get a shot at a world title, just ask the IBF.
As you might guess I am a big Sam Soliman fan. Come to Australia, you will love it
c stylez  - northside gun ru |
pete was born a fighter, a great fighter even before learning to box he was a fighter he's earned his shot at the main stage and once he gets it he will be great or even the greatest me and his little bro ched been watching his fights fa the last week str8. Stay focus and stay great u doin it fa the whole RU we still here
ghost with the toast  - north side |
Pablo Hernandez  - re: Petey Quillin is amazing |
Pete Kid Chocolate Quillin is an ultra force. KEEP an eye out for this "kid chocolate" !!
Jamie Ark  - The future of boxing |
Peter Quillin has everything boxing fans wanna see. Full of character, he out-powers and out-boxes anyone he's put up against. The UK is watching !!! Its his time to step up to the bigger stage. I really hope he gets his title fight. He'll shake up the division.
Everlast Ev.  - Peter Quillin is a Champion!!! |
With an astounding record of 20 wins (KO 15) & 0 losses, Peter "Kid Chocolate" Quillin has proven to be an awesome prospect in the middleweight division and in boxing in general. He possesses great ring movement and fast hands. Quillin has great power in both hands as evidenced by his 15 KO's in 20 professional fights. This is a fighter who is dynamic, dedicated, and extremely motivated. He has the heart of a champion. He deserves a title bout. I am certain that he will be a champion very soon given the opportunity.
DJ Head Debiase  - THE TRUTH |
Eric  - No Joke |
I've seen Pete since since his pro debut. No one is more dedicated and passionate then him. His energy is an inspiration to the people around him. Boxing is lucky he chose this sport. It's a privilege to know and watch him and I can't wait to see the "Kid" back in the ring! ... (Heads up for the chocolate kisses flying at you after the win)
Kristen C.  - Kid Chocolate is a winner! |
Petey "Kid Chocolate" Quillin is the guy to beat!! He's such an incredible person to watch in the ring. He has such unbelievable skills and is a very talented boxer. He puts the hard work and training in and the outcome is always a victory! He inspires people to reach new heights just as he has accomplished in the field of boxing. Again he is the GUY TO BEAT! In order to be the best, you need to beat the best! Give Petey a chance and he won't fail! =)
Miguel  - People Run from this Guy |
They are scared to fight the Kid. It's a business and they scared to lose that spot to Petey because he doesn't have THE name yet. He's getting there though and soon these punks won't have any excuses left. You're time is just around the corner. Stay focused and it will all happen.
Blaire |
Great interview. Petey is such an inspiring person...amazing to watch and train with. I am so excited to follow his career and witness the incredible things he will surely do.
Angel  - re: Petey Quillin is amazing |
Give this "Kid" a chance. How many fighter you see out there who is hungry to take anyone? This "Kid" can fight.......So I can see how others try to evade him.......but there going to have to face him someday, and he will just make them pay for making him wait.......Come on 160's...step up to "Kid Chocolate"
Kat  - Petey Quillin is amazing |
Everything that he just said in this interview, he backs up 150%.
Never have I seen such a dynamic fighter (and person).

Mr. Quillin has SO much passion for what he does--whether it's in the ring, or when he teaches, or when he trains himself--and he brings that into the ring. He definitely deserves a title shot, and WHEN (not if) he wins, he is one that his fans/friends/family can proudly boast about with resounding and triumphant uproar!

We love him! We want to see more of him!
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