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Dec 02nd
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miguel-cotto-wbc-championThis was a hard fight to watch, as I am a fan of both men.  Miguel Cotto may have not been a huge underdog, yet the way he won this matchup left not too many "I told you so's" around.  Most people who favored Cotto did so, because of the implication that Sergio Martinez's body was done.  While it certainly looked as if Martinez had lost a step or two, we may never know conclusively, as it was his temple that gave way a minute into the match.
This was courtesy of the same left hook that Chavez found with a minute left nearly 2 years ago.  This time, it came with too many rounds left, and from a world class fighter who could follow up.  Martinez was out-slugged, out-boxed, and even out-jabbed.  In what will probably end up the biggest win of his career (Mosley a close second), Cotto left little doubt that the skills are still there.  At this new weight, with a new trainer, he can still accomplish much in boxing.  However, let's be clear on his path.  The fans have chosen Canelo as his next opponent, in the first few unofficial polls, and I think I know why.
Peter Quillin is the young, hungry kind of boxer (like an Austin Trout) that could trouble Cotto, and not even provide much of a monetary upside.  GGG would tear through anyone at this point, it seems, and Cotto's fans certainly don't wish that upon him.  Mayweather could go for a middleweight legacy fight, but it is a fight for which we do not yet feel we need a repeat, and Arum is not likely to steer him in that direction anyway.  Also, bear in mind, Pacquiao and Mayweather are really 140lbers.  This is a bit of a leap, especially for a formerly vanquished foe for which the fans would call them opportunistic.
Canelo would be favored, but this is the only way he's getting his hands on the legit Middleweight title anytime soon, and if Canelo and GGG keep winning, that fight would be huge.  Cotto on the other hand, would add tremendously to his legacy if he pulled off yet another upset, and the Mayweather or Pacquiao fights may not look so ridiculous if either man keeps winning, and physically growing.  The sky is the limit.  As for Martinez, he is everything right with boxing, but his body just couldn't keep up.  he has nothing to be ashamed of, but should hang 'em up.

Chris Strait


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