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Dec 07th
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adrien-broner-boxerSo, Adrien Broner won a spilt decision over Paulie Malignaggi.  I agree with the verdict, and think it was a close fight.  That is not earth shattering.  Broner has had a close fight before, and prevailed.  The aura of invincibility is not there for Broner, as it is for Mayweather at this point, and even Money May had a couple guys get close to beating him.  Before I analyze who will be most suited to put an L in Broner's column, let me point out the obvious differences between he and Floyd.
It is difficult to tell who would be best at beating Floyd, as both counterpunchers and aggressive fighters tend to fail to catch him cleanly.  However, Broner is hittable.  While he employs the roll and counter better than anyone else except Floyd, Broner does so while pursuing his opponents.  He is not by nature simply a counter puncher.  Mayweather does it while making fighters pursue him.  Broner also digs to the body much more than Mayweather, and intends to break down an opponent's body, while Floyd mostly breaks down a fighter mentally.
We have not seen Broner fight too many punchers, and the one puncher he did fight was lacking in speed (De Marco).  Rees and Malignaggi could not hurt him, but were able to catch him cleanly to the head and body.  This would lead one to assume it's a puncher with fast hands that would beat Broner, but wait a minute.  He was also given trouble by his inability to hurt Malignaggi and Ponce De Leon.  His punch output is too low for a fighter without flawless defense.  If he cannot hurt you, he is in trouble.  So, it would be a fast-handed, taller, power-punching, hard-chinned fighter.
There is the rub.  Offensively, Amir Khan sounds like the perfect fighter to face Broner, but his weak chin, and lack of inside game, means he will be taken apart before he can do any real damage to "The Problem".  Matthysse's chin and power would present a big issue, but has his technique/speed improved enough to land anything clean?  Garcia has technique, and is both powerful and durable, but he is too slow, and defensively weak.  Garcia would follow Broner around all night.  Forget any Top Rank guys... That is not going to happen.  Besides, none of them, except Marquez and Pacquiao, present any real threat anyway.
Peterson is too shell shocked now, and vulnerable to mount a real threat.  Zab Judah has the same issues as Khan, and is too inconsistent to maintain the level of attack needed to best Broner.  Nope, the man most likely to hand Broner a defeat within this bunch currently, is the one man he says he would not fight.  Mayweather would make Broner come to him, and tag him cleanly all night... with just enough power to keep Broner honest, while the already awestruck youngster would not be able to mount a consistent attack.  Broner knows what he is doing eliminating Floyd from this list.  If both keep winning, it will happen one day, but odds are somebody will upset one of them first.  I just can't, for the life of me, think of who it could be.

Chris Strait

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