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Feb 24th
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Home Hotties Hotties of the Month Hottie Oct. 2009 - Trang Diem Tran
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Hottie Oct. 2009 - Trang Diem Tran

convicted-artist-hottie_traTrang Diem Tran
125 lbs. Height: 5'2"
Measurements: 34" bust, 26" waist, and 36" hips.

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Hometown: San Bernadino, CA

Hobbie: I Enjoy working on my 2 Volkswagen Bugs. I also enjoy Musicals and Broadway Shows.

Career Goal: I want to own an erotic adult shop.

Ambitions: Continue amateur boxing for as long as I can.

Turn-Ons: A guy who can eat. Food is my form of communication. When a guy has a big appetite it turns me on. I like cooking.

Turn-Offs: If he has a kid. Isnt that f#cked up?
If he is younger than me and shorter and when a guy lets a girl pay for dinner.

Any Tattoos: That’s funny, because I just got some on my elbows. They are colourful stars. Its my first tattoo. I always wanted a tattoo. 5 Stars scattered on my arm in rainbow colors.

How did you get into modeling? I have never have before.

Can you tell us a little bit about your recent and notable work?

I am currently training for a charity event called Battle of the Badges. It is an event that is held annually by Law Enforcement.
I am a 911 Dispatcher and I will be fighting a Sherriff’s Deputy.

Who will you be fighting?
Her name is Tonya Pasco and she is a Sherrif for Temecula Ca.
for more information you can go to

Who is your favorite Pro Boxer? Juan Marquez

Who is your favorite MMA Fighter? Dan Henderson

What is your dream car? A Maybach

Are there any quotes that you live by? “She Aint Nothing but a Gold Digger”  I always loved this verse in this  song. Last year Halloween, I dressed up as a Gold Digger. I wore  a gold metallic mini dress, with gold chains, gold high heals. It was great!

photos by S. Arredondo

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Super Mes  - Hottie Oct. 2009 - Trang Diem Tran |
This website is amazing. I will tell about it to my friends and anybody that could be interested in this subject. Great work guys!
El Visitante  - Best of luck at your upcoming fight Trang! |
I'm sure that Trang will open a can of whoopass on Tonya Pasco!

And to the photographer, I totally loved the pics of this babe in her skirt and heels, I just wish there would have been more!
Admin  - Convicted Artist Tony Salazar Trains Trang |
Tony Salazar Jr.'s success as a stand up and boxing trainer comes from his ability to use an individualized approach to motivate and educate his fighters. As a professional boxing trainer Salazar created an effective training program designed to help assess and track a fighter’s performance. These advanced boxing techniques give fighters a distinct advantage over their competition while helping the fighter succeed at what they do best. Salazar offers both one on one and group lessons. alazar.html
Fan  - Trang Diem will fight in Battle of the Badges Oct |
Trang Diem Tran will be fighting on October 17th at Pachanga Resort & Casino in Battle of the Badges ! You Go Girl !

The men and women of law enforcement, fire and rescue enter the ring once again to battle it out. Our friend the lovely Trang Diem Tran will make her amateur debut as she battles it out with the very talented and experienced Sheriff Tonya Pasco of the Temecula Sheriff’s dept.
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