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Dec 06th
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boxing_glovesWhy is Rafael Marquez going right after Juanma?  Oh, don't get me wrong.  I will be watching, and it is a great fight for fans... but Chris John might be a safer mark, a chance to build anticipation toward a Lopez fight, and a way of avenging his brother's controversial loss.  P.S. Notice all of them are steering completely clear of Celestino Caballero?
Is it me, or did JC Chavez Jr. prove virtally nothing by deteating John Duddy?  Let's see him in with Khoren Gevor, or recently freed Felix Sturm, and then maybe I will believe he is a legitimate threat at Middleweight.  Daniel Jacobs should have a belt shortly.  Why not put JC in against him?  There is something about the Chavez family that people cannot bear to seem them lose.  They will receive ridiculous scores, officiating, matchmaking, etc. to make sure it rarely happens.  It's a shame, because JC Jr. really has two losses, which he legitimately and immediately avenged.  That, to me, is more impressive than a padded unbeaten record.
Speaking of which, Felix Sturm was never that impressive of a fighter, but he holds his own with everyone, and usually dominates the lesser fighters.  His defense also frustrates many an opponent.  I hope he uses his promotional freedom to come to the states, and fight the other names at Middleweight.  Gevor, too... his style would be very appreciated here.
Also, congrats to Universum for accepting money to let Sturm go, and for allowing two of their fighters to lose last weekend.  It might have been on exhaustion, and a closer-than-should-have-been decision, but at least Ina Menzer and Firat Arslan didn't win in some corrupt fashion, like fighters in their German counterpart's stable, Sauerland. 
I know I rip Sauerland a lot, but the truth is: I know why they do it.  Their first two experiences in boxing on the big stage were Axel Schulz's fights with Foreman and Botha.  They watched their man get screwed twice, and ever since they have been screwing others.  Maybe it's time to shoot for the middle and render fair decisions.  What happened to Roman Karmazin recently is the latest in a long line of disgraces.
Kudos to Kelly Pavlik for going after tha names at Super Middleweight.  The guy took two tune-ups to gain his confidence after Hopkins took him to school, and we wouldn't leave him alone about it.  He also didn't lose a round in either of those fights, and stopped both opponents.  He does have a deficiency against slick boxers, but he did far better against Martinez than Hopkins, and had he not been cut, he had a strong chance of beating him.  I hope his advisors take a slow route before putting him in against Lucien Bute, instead of rushing him to avoid scrutiny.

Chris Strait

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