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Jul 19th
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Home MMA Superman Killer - Tony "Kryptonite" Lopez
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Superman Killer - Tony "Kryptonite" Lopez

tony-lopezAccording to Wikipedia, "the word kryptonite has become synonymous with an Achilles' heel -the one weakness of an otherwise invulnerable hero."  So Clark Kent, if your reading this, and decide to step in the cage, I would have your manager strategically avoid ever fighting Tony "Kryptonite" Lopez.  Honestly though, with a record like Tonys', it might be a good idea to stay away anyway.

Tony "Kryptonite" Lopez has one of the most impressive career records to date.  One of his most notable accomplishments came when he went for an outstanding sixteen win stretch, which lasted just over two years. That was then when Tony earned himself the nickname “Kryptonite”.   He stomped on the King of the Cage series by successfully defending his Heavyweight title three times and his Light Heavyweight title four times.  Kryptonite is one of few to ever hold champion titles in two weight classes at the same time.  

Mixed Martial Arts is a life style for Tony, he takes every aspect in and out of the cage very seriously.  He prides himself on discipline and respect for the sport.  With that being said, "Kryptonite" is going to take the Pepsi challenge of MMA next month.  As most fighters would train a full year to do four fights, Tony "Kryptonite" Lopez is gearing up to do that in the single month of July.  Ricco Rodriguez and Gilbert Yuel will be just two of the four trying to take down the Superman Killer hosted by HDNET.

Stacked at a callous six foot five inches tall, it's interesting to see just how easy-going Tony is.  He is known by friends for his friendly, personable attitude.  Maybe that's how he stole the heart of his attractive business minded wife.  As much as Tony trains in the gym, his better half is putting in the same amount of time on the business end of things.  Both have the same dream, have the drive to see it through, and are willing to put in the work it takes.  Beating up Bullies on MTV is a thing of the past, but I assure you, Tony is the future!

Recently, I had a chance to talk with Tony "Kryptonite" Lopez.  Here is what he had to say...

SA:  Can you tell us a little bit about your background?  Where were you born and raised?

Kryptonite: I was born in Yorba Linda, but raised in San Bernadino County.

SA: You’re the tallest Mexican that I know of! (As we both laugh)  Where did you get it from?  Is your whole family tall?

Kryptonite: Well, actually every one in my family is about 5' 10" know, my dad and brother.  My mom and sister are regular height.  In my extended family, like cousins and stuff, they are all pretty much normal...but on my dad's side, he's got a brother that about six foot...well, I don't know if that's "tall" but you know...

SA: Did you ever play basketball or any "sports" in high school or any thing?

Kryptonite: In high school I did cross country, wrestling, a little football...yeah, that's about it.

SA: Where are you currently training?

My house.

SA: You have four fights coming up, all scheduled in the month of July.  Most fighters are reluctant to have four fights in a year, what's going through your mind as it approaches?

Kryptonite: (with a slight soft laugh) Well...have fun, win and get paid!  (Both of us start to laugh)

SA: A fighter of your stature should be competing in Strikeforce or UFC. Why do think you haven’t been given the opportunity?

Kryptonite: You know I... speculation on my part is that they just don't like me.  One, it could be my age...the other one, I'm thinking that, fighting isn't so uh..."pretty"...techniques, isn't so "pretty" they don't want someone like me going in there and beating one of their top guys and not looking as "pretty" as them.  So...I don't know, that's the only thing I could come up with.

SA: Your a King of the Cage veteran, do you think the rivalry between them and UFC might have something to do with it?

Kryptonite: It’s a good possibility...cause I mean, I was KOTC heavy weight champion for about two years.

SA: Who has been your thoughest opponent?

Kryptonite: Keith Berry at King of the Cage light heavyweight fight.

SA: What are you plans for this year?

To not loose one single fight and to fight as often as possible and go from being the nice guy to being the bad guy!

Steven Arredondo

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