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Aug 19th
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mma-roastMy name is Steven Arredondo, creator of MMA Roast© / MMA Roasted, the 1st ever Mixed Martial Arts Stand Up Comedy Show. MMA Roasted is the only comical show to have professional fighters appear on stage and then be subject to publicly bearing comedic insults, praise, outrageous true and untrue stories and heartwarming accomplishments by top comedians. The implications being that the fighter is able to take the jokes in good humor, and therefore show their good nature. It is considered a great honor to be ROASTED, as the individual is surrounded by friends, fans, and well-wishers, who can receive some of the same treatment as well during the course of the show.

I came up with the idea of combining the callous sport of MMA with side-splitting comedy a few years ago during a time my friend David Martinez asked me if I could help him raise funds on behalf of his non- profit foundation. All proceeds would help rebuild La Habra Boxing Gym in La Habra, California. The tough boxing gym, many have referred to as genuine and closest to Rocky as ever, was badly burned in a fire. The building, which had been built from an old church, was in desperate need of repair. Taking into consideration that David is a Vietnam War Hero who gives hard-up youths the opportunity to train in his gym for free and using his own pension to pay for it, I agreed to help.

While out one night at the Improv Comedy Club in Irvine, CA,  I began thinking about how I could incorporate comedy into the various boxing and Mixed Martial Arts events that I already feature and promote in The clubs general manager had disclosed to me in private that he would be leaving the Improv to work with actor/comedian Jon Lovitz. The two would open a new comedy club at the famous Universal Studios City Walk, Hollywood, CA. I thought, ‘why not invite fighters to the show and allow the comedians to make fun of them, like a Roast. I’ll call it ‘MMA Roast’, and get some of the biggest names in MMA and Comedy and bring them together.

Thinking up a great idea is one thing, but putting it into effect is something entirely different. As a promoter I knew that arranging a successful show, especially during a recession wasn’t going to be easy.  In order to achieve success I would have to host a memorable event people would really enjoy. Even more importantly sponsors would have to believe in my idea of an MMA Roast in order to raise the funds needed to proceed with this worthy cause.

With the help of my team at and several close friends and family we set out to promote & organize the 1st ever MMA Comedy Show in world history. I thought of UFC Legend Kimo Leopoldo, he was all over the news during this time because he had been falsely reported dead by TMZ. Kimo was quickly ranked #1 on Google and Yahoo searches and became the 1st MMA fighter to be all over main steam media. This proved to be a perfect fit and timing for the show.

I later met with the funny Jon Lovitz to schedule a date and time for a show at his new comedy club. Not sure if he would go for such an idea or not, I tried anyways.  Lovitz loved the idea and was thrilled about having the opportunity to be the 1st comedy club to host such a new and unique show.

I finally contacted David Martinez to give him the good news. The event was now scheduled and we would raise money to rebuild his destroyed gym using the proceeds of the MMA Roast. As predicted, the show was a success and MMA Roast will live on to help hero’s like David Martinez of La Habra Boxing Foundation.

Until the next MMA Roast,

Steven Arredondo
Creator / Promoter

Copyright © 2009 MMA ROAST/ MMA ROASTED, a division of Convicted Artist Inc. All rights reserved.

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This website is amazing. I will tell about it to my friends and anybody that could be interested in this subject. Great work guys!
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