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Aug 11th
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Home MMA Can Cain Velasquez become the first Mexican Heavyweight Champ?
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Can Cain Velasquez become the first Mexican Heavyweight Champ?

cain-velasquezLooking back throughout the halls of fighting history, some of the greatest fighters were born of a Mexican heritage. Tough former world champions such as Julio Cesar Chavez, Ricardo Lopez, and Oscar De La Hoya have cemented themselves as legends of the sport of boxing. Diego Sanchez and Tito Ortiz have held world titles in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, but with all the accomplishments the Mexican born fighters have had, none have garnered the title as “heavyweight champion” in either fighting related sport. Sure there have been some Mexican boxers get close to a heavyweight title; Chris Areola and most notably Manuel Ramos who is not doubt one of the greatest heavyweight contenders. But, can a Mexican fighter shake the heavyweight contender status and change that into a world heavyweight champion?

So the question is, with this weekends match-up between the UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar and his challenger Cain Velasquez, can Velasquez make history at UFC 121 in becoming the first Mexican heavyweight champion?

Here you have a challenger in Velasquez who knows nothing but victory, the hard hitting heavyweight has devoured all that has crossed his pathway. Since his fighting debut in 2006 the California born banger has earned himself eight consecutive wins, seven of those W’s came via knock out, and five of those victories were produced in the opening round.

But with all of Velasquez’s power, his willingness to brawl and bang and his ability of handing out some serious ground and pound, come fight night he will be facing a monster in Brock Lesnar, who has no plans for Cain to make history in winning the heavyweight title.

Lesnar is a former WWE star, but is no push over when it comes to the real scrap, winning five of his six professional bouts. The 6’3” 265-pound powerhouse has defeated the likes of Frank Mir, Randy Couture and Shane Carwin and has the UFC heavyweight belt, and the throw down against Velasquez will be his third defense of his heavyweight hardware.

I believe in pride in one’s heritage, may it be brown, black, white, red, yellow or what not, one should take pride in their family history, and we all know that Velasquez will bring his pride to the cage, but that is not enough to gain the title as champion, it has to be skill, just as much as will.

Velasquez is going to have to play it smart when he steps in against Lesnar, Cain cannot let Lesnar take it to the ground, and he need not be bullied by the big man, especially when there is only a one inch height advantage between the two fighters. Stand up and utilize your jab, catch him when he comes in, and go for the kill.

When the bell rings there is going to be a lot of swinging meat in that cage, no doubt come fight night somebody is going to fall, and most assuredly fall hard. So, will the champion Brock Lesnar continue his winning ways, or can Cain Velasquez make history in becoming the first Mexican heavyweight champion? That will all be decided this Saturday night, but all I have to say on this subject is…War Velasquez!

The BIG DOG Benny Henderson Jr.

About Benny Henderson Jr.
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Jawbone  - Cain Delivers The Pain and Gains The Fame |
He kicked butt with authority. Cain is now the Main Man in the heavy division.
Now all we need is for Chris Arreola to show his true talent win the heavyweight championship!!! Viva Mexico!!!
dix |
after reading the previous comment i cant understand why big money sunday isnt as profitable as it should be howerver i like dallas droppimg 30 pts on the g -men!
E-Man  - Big Money Sunday |
After putting 2 bills on Lesnar, now I have to rely on Big Money Sunday (nfl) in order to not have to caugh up money to the bookie.... GO DALLAS!
Marty Lopez  - ufc fight |
velasquez shocks the world and brings one home for the mexican people.
Brock Lesnar vs. Cain Velasque  - UFC 121 RESULTS |
Cain Velasquez surprised us tonight !
Jay  - Mexican Heavy weight? |
There has never been a "Mexican" heavyweight champ worth putting money on. Im sure Velasquez didn't grow to become so tall and muscular with Mexican beans and rice. He's obviously been enjoying great American beef, corn and veggies.
Bog Dog  - Adam needs prayer |
Adam, you really need prayer boy, and I stress BOY! You saying there will never be a Mexican heavyweight champ is like your KKK kin saying there would never be a black president. Take off your white sheet and watch cartoon you freak
There has never been a Mexican heavyweight champion. And there never will
Robert  - Lesnar's toughest opponent |
Brock Lesnar vs. Cain Velasquez. I cant wait to see these two world class wrestlers fight. It is going to be interesting.
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