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Jan 21st
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Home MMA Eric Butterbean Esch's choice words on Pudzianowski
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Eric Butterbean Esch's choice words on Pudzianowski

eric_butterbeanEric  “Butterbean” Esch had some choice words to say about former 5-time World’s Strongest Man Mariusz “Dominator” Pudzianowski, in terms of rating the Polish strongman as a mixed-martial-arts fighter.

Many believe Pudzianowski has great potential and that he should be featured on Moosin’s October 9 show in Chicago, Illinois. Mariusz, who has reportedly been training hard in his native Poland to develop his MMA skills, will arrive in Massachusetts by the end of July to begin training with former boxer “Irish” Micky Ward, as well as two former All-America wrestlers, in order to learn the basics of boxing and wrestling to improve his overall MMA game.

However, based on Pudzianowki’s second-round loss by submission to former 2-time UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia this past May  in Worcester, Massachusetts, “Butterbean” doesn’t think Mariusz deserves to be showcased again on a Moosin pay-per-view event, at least not until he proves himself in the cage.

“I know he allegedly broke his foot in the fight against Sylvia,” Butterbean criticized Pudzianowski, “but he didn’t show anything before he quit. Pudzianowski has no stand-up and as strong as he is, he punches like a girl. All he does is throw arm punches. He needs a lot of help. He’s the 5-time World’s Strongest Man but hits like a 130-pounder, not a strong man who weighs 270 pounds. He doesn’t have the skill level to get to the level he wants to fight.

“Once he gets a stand-up game – you can’t have a ground game working without one – he could be a force in MMA. He still needs some work on his ground game, too. We all know he’s very strong but that’s not enough at the highest level of MMA. I don’t know who has been coaching him but that trainer should be fired. Pudzianowski needs to prove himself, showing he has a good stand-up game by beating a good MMA fighter, before he gets another big fight like a spot on the October 9th show.”

Moosin, based in South Korea-based, has promoted MMA shows in South Korea and the United States and, in conjunction with the International Taekwon-Do Federation, plans expansion into to China, Poland and Australia.

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Rufus  - Butterbean Rocks! |
Butterbean is a heck of a fighter, especially considering that he is obese. I loved the way he beat the shit out of Johnny Knoxville of Jackass! So outrageous!

Anyway, I would love to see him fight Pudzianowski. It would love to see that fight, though I think that Pudzianowski would win, well, maybe not...
KSW  - KSW Federation fires back |
Recent critical quotes by former Pride FC fighter Eric “Butterbean” Esch regarding Mariusz Pudzianowski have initiated a terse response from the 5-time World’s Strongest Man’s promoter in Poland, KSAW Federation, which has been organizing MMA events in Europe since 2004.

The popular “Butterbean,” who is a former pro boxer and sumo competitor, publicly insulted Pudzian in the aforementioned press release – saying, among other things, “as strong as he is, he (Pudzianowski) punches like a girl’ -- and promised a knockout victory if he ever meets the Pole in MMA competition.

KSW Federation has expressed its discontent with the opinions formulated by ’Butterbean,” noting that as an official of MMA promoter Moosin, Esch used Mariusz as the main attraction this past May on its pay-per-view event held in Worcester, Massachusetts.

“I don’t understand the reasoning behind Esch’s statements,” KSW co-owner Martin. Lewandowski said. “One would think it’s just a publicity stunt. However, if Butterbean is really interested in this bout, we can seriously consider it. But in order to do that, we need more precise declarations from Esch.”

KSW co-owner Maciej Kawulski added, “’Butterbean’ is an MMA superstar in the USA. Mariusz would have to deal with an extremely experienced opponent, who’s also an uncompromising competitor in the ring. His fighting style is very brutal and aggressive. If Mariusz improves his conditioning -- I know he is working on it with professionals -- this fight could end up being an unforgettable show for all KSW fans. Once both sides express interest in the fight, KSW Federation will try to book this bout.”

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