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Oct 30th
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Home MMA UFC on Versus Results & Live Play-By-Play
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UFC on Versus Results & Live Play-By-Play

James Irvin is making his UFC/MMa debut at 185lbs. Irvin started his MMA career as a heavyweight and later dropped down to the light heavyweight division after his tko loss to Mike Kyle. Sakara has won the last 3 of his last 4 fights. The fight should be exciting.  A knockout is anticipated from one of these two fighters.
1st round
Fights starts off standing as anticipated. Sakara lands some strikes to the head. Irvin looks slow and takes some punches to the head. Irvin counter punches back but is too slow. Sakara lands some more strikes to the head. Irvin answers  back with a leg kick. The fighters continue to strike. Sakara lands a vicious left hook to Irvin's left side of the face. Irvin stumbles back and falls down to his knees as Sakara runs over to stop the fight. James holds on to his left side of the face and claims to have been pocked in the eye by Sakara's fingers. The fight is paused and a doctor steps in. The fight gets reviewed by officials and is stopped due to Sakara landing a clean left hook to the face and no fingers were present or close to Irvin's left eye. Irvin is stunned and the fight is over. Sakara wins by TKO with    left in the 1st round.

1st round
Buentello has lost 20 lbs for this fight. The Fight starts out with Buentello landing some strikes. Kongo goes for the takedown, places Buentello against the cage and takes him down. Kongo ends up in the full guard and transitions to half guard. Buentello tries to get back up but Kongo picks Buentello up and slams him down. Buentello tries again to get up but cant. Buentello grabs the right arm of Kongo and tries going for the Kimora but Kongo's strength is too much for him.  Buentello gets up and throws a right punch. Buentello lands the punch but jams his pinky finger. The fight is stopped for doctors review. Buentello's finger pops back in and the fight is still on. They continue to stand and strike. Kongo throws some strikes, shoots, and takes Buentello down. Kongo ends up in the half guard. So far Kongo is controlling the fight. Herb dean breaks them up and stands them back up. The two fighters continue to strike. Buentello falls back. Kongo jumps on top of Buentello but the round is finished.
2nd round
The round starts with strikes. Both land some shots but Buentello is off balance and Kongo ends up taking him down again. Kongo continues to ground and pound. Kongo is warned with striking Buentello  with an elbow strike from the ceiling down. Fight continues. Buentello tries to get back up but later is knee'd by Kongo to the head while still having one knee on the ground. Fight is stopped for review. Buentello is asked if he wants to continue. He agrees. Kongo is penalized a point. The fight continues. Kongo goes for the takedown and strikes the body with some knees. The fighters get up. Buentello is getting punished. Kongo knees Buentello again to the head while he is down. The fight continues. They start off striking. Kongo continues to land some strikes. Buentello goes down. Kongo continues ground and pound. Herb dean stands the fighters back up. Buentello looks exhausted as the 2nd round finishes.
3rd round
The round starts off with some strikes but Kongo takes Buentello down again. Kongo takes control and starts elbowing Buentello to the thighs. Buentello taps due to the beating, the punishment, and the pain. The fight is stopped with   left in the 3rd round.

1st round
Both fighters come out looking confident. Gonzaga throws the first leg kick but misses. Gonzaga tries to take Santos down but Santos ends up getting back up. Gonzaga lands a right kick. Santos answers with a counter punch. Santos throws some strikes. Lands a body shot. Both fighters throw a high kick. The fight continues standing up. Both are trying to knock each other out. Santos lands a vicious left hook. Gonzaga falls down. Santos runs and takes advantage of ground and pound. The referee stops the fight as Santos wins by TKO with    left in the 1st round.

1st round
Both fighters start off striking. Howard tries to take Roberts down. Roberts transitions and gets on top of Howard and starts to ground and pound. Howard gets up and slams Roberts and gets in the full guard. Roberts tries a submission.  Howard stands up and throws a vicious left over hand punch and lands perfectly on Roberts chin as Roberts laid on the ground. The punch knocks Roberts out cold and Howard continues to throw and land 2 more over hand left punches as the again they land perfectly on Roberts chin. The referee jumps in and pulls Howard off. Roberts continues to lay knocked out cold. Howard wins with a KO  with    left in the 1st round.

Main event
1st round
Fight starts off with Jones taking Vera down. Jones ends up in the full guard. Vera kicks Jones off of him and both fighters get up. Jones slams Vera down and gets in the full guard. Jones lands a left elbow while Vera answers back with a high kick to Jones's head as Jones was down on his knees. Vera gets a point taken off. The fight continues in the same position. Jones ends up in the butterfly guard. Vera throws a kick up to the head and lands again but the fight continues. The referee is paying close attention to the fight as the fight heats up. Jones lands a vicious elbow to the Veras temple/eye. Vera turns over with agony and pain holding his left eye. Jones runsup and starts to throw punches as Vera continues to hold his left side of the face. Herb dean runs in to stop the fight with Jones winning the fight with a TKO with    left in the 1st round.   Click here for complete UFC on Versus Recap & Commentary

 Max "Payne" Martyniouk

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