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Aug 09th
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Home MMA Reign Training Center Grand Opening -Exclusive Interviews
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Reign Training Center Grand Opening -Exclusive Interviews

reign_training_centerA period of time in which someone is powerful or dominate . This is the definition of reign and what UFC middleweight and co-owner of Reign Training Center lives by.

“It’s two-fold for me, one I want to reign over my competition and two I’m a man of faith and god reigns over my life. I want that name to encompass both the physical and mental and spiritual.”

That’s what Munoz told me at the grand opening of the mixed martial arts gym last Saturday.  

The event featured several demonstrations, autograph sessions, food, and many more activities throughout the day. Fighters such as former WEC featherweight  champion Urijah Faber, former Pride and UFC Heavyweight champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Strikeforce light heavyweight title contender Muhammad “King Mo” Lawal, and many more athletes appeared at the event. 

Reign is for people who want to lose weight, maintain good health, compete, or just learn  a new sport. There are also kids classes available.

“Him having a facility I know that the energy in here is going to be great,” said Faber. “It’s gunna be an uplifting environment, and he [Munoz] strives for perfection so the curriculum is going to be great and it’s going to be a fun and friendly environment.”

Munoz thought about owning his own gym, and when his business partner Andre Julian came into the picture, his ideas became reality.

“I wasn’t thinking about opening a gym until Andre said lets open up a gym, I wont do it unless your a part of it,” Munoz said. “So I said alright man I’ll do it, and thats what I wanted to do anyways.”

Although Reign opened back in December, the grand opening served as a way to bring in new business and show people what the gym is all about.

The day kicked off with a boxing demonstration by coach Abel Nunez and a team member. With an upcoming bout against Kendall Grove in April at UFC 112, Munoz did not let the distractions of the day interfere with his training; and the event continued with a Muay Thai kickboxing demonstration with his coach Billy Schiebe, as well as three five minute rounds of cardiovascular training with owner of Cutting Edge Sports Training, Todd Norman. Even motocross stunt rider, Eric Whitcomb, pulled off some sweet tricks behind the facility.

Throughout the day hundreds of fans filled the turf room at Cutting Edge, which is conveniently linked directly to Reign, looking to get autographs, check out the vendors, or sign up for a membership throughout the day. Munoz even gave the first 28 people to sign up memberships for 50 percent off.

If you’re questioning how Reign will compete with the other MMA gyms in Orange County, take into consideration that the facility has a ring and a cage, over 20 punching bags, and members can get a special deal to Cutting Edge, which holds a turf room designated for cardiovascular activities and a weight room. The trainers at Reign include Nunez, Raja Shippen, Munoz, Norman, and others.

“He’s gunna always be bringing in the best instructors, the best trainers, and his work ethic is second to none,” said WEC bantamweight title contender Joseph Benavides. “So you’re gunna really see it in the gym and in the business.”

The slogan for Reign consists of five the D’s that Munoz wants people to walk away with when they train their. Desire, direction, diligence, discipline, and dedication are all painted on the wall of the gym. The purpose of Munoz’ gym isn’t solely for physical well being, but he also wants those who come in and out of Reign to gain skills that will help them in life.

“With coming in here and training and accomplishing your goals you get confident,” Munoz said. “Confidence is a phycological skill. You got to have confidence in order to accomplish something you set your goal to.”

At the end of a successful grand opening, and all the hype built up for the gym, Munoz looks to rise to the top in not only fighting, but in the business world as well. Long time friend and once training partner, Urijah Faber, put the feelings of Munoz and his attitude about Reign at the end of the day perfectly.

“Marks the type of guy that rises to the top of everything he does,” he said. “Its been true for all aspects of his life. You can already see that this is a quality product and will make him a little more comfortable in life.”

Joseph McHale

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Dr. Rick O'Bratiis  - dentist- sports dentistry |
Great sight.
I have spoken with Max "Payne" recently about a custom mouth guard i made for him 3 weeks ago. He stated that it is the best custom sports guard he has had. Call Reign or Convicted Artist to get information on how to get the best sports guard for you.
Dr. O'Braitis
Kendra  - Clean Gym |
Reign Mixed Martial Arts in Lake Forrest is the nicest and cleanest gym that I have been to in Orange County. They also have a great training program for pros.
Efren  - Great Review |
I took a tour of the gym and all I have to say is Wow! . Thanks for letting me know.
Kristina Mischler |
Too bad it wasn't so expensive. Sounds like an intense gym though! Awesome. =]
Jonathan McHale |
Sweet article man. I really like it!
Josiah McHale |
freakin sick article man.u did a damn good job
Jessica M |
Sweet article :)
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