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Apr 16th
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Home MMA UFC veterans Corey Hill, Luigi Fioravanti hoist weekend victories
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UFC veterans Corey Hill, Luigi Fioravanti hoist weekend victories

luigi_fioravantiLightweight Corey Cornelius Hill (3-2), contender on “The Ultimate Fighter 5” tv series
and UFC veteran Luigi Fioravanti (17-6) collected wins this weekend at the Raging Wolf event in Niagara Falls , N.Y. 

This was Hill's opening bout since suffering a painful and  bizarre leg break last year while delivering a low kick to Dale Hartt at UFC Fight Night 16.

Hill, who is recognized for his soaring 6-foot-4 frame, won an unanimous-decision victory over Jason Trzewieczynski (3-3) of New York at the January 23 event.

Hill acknowledged his guilt in beefing-up his resume to secure a spot on "TUF 5," and beat King of the Cage fighter Rob Emerson in an opening-round matchup but lost to Nate Diaz by submission. Corey Hill subsequently beat Joe Veres at UFC Fight Night 12 before UFC officials terminated his contract after his dreadful losses to Justin Buccholz and Hartt.

Luigi Fioravanti, in the meantime, progressed to 3-1 since his unfortunate February 2009 UFC termination with a decision triumph over cast member of Spike's The Ultimate Fighter,  Shane Primm (4-2).

Fioravanti, has since combated three times in the previous four months, adding to the win over Primm.  Luigi Fioravanti possesses the latest victories over veteran Fabricio Nascimento (22-9) and Matt Lagler (2-3).

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