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Jun 05th
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Home MMA Fedor and the UFC: Will it Ever Happen?
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Fedor and the UFC: Will it Ever Happen?


Ever since it was announced that Affliction was cancelling “Trilogy” and would be returning to the UFC as a sponsor the eyes of the MMA world have been directed squarely towards Fedor Emelianenko. The #1 ranked heavyweight in the world is currently without a place to fight and with UFC president Dana White’s bold statement after UFC 100 that they would get the fighter signed everyone has been waiting to see if this proclamation will actually come true. A UFC press conference set for tomorrow that promises some big announcements and one must think that one of those was hoped to be the signing of Emelianenko. So of course the question everyone is asking is will Fedor indeed sign with the UFC now, or ever?

M-1 Global, Emelianenko’s management team, has been very open about the fact that they have indeed been in negotiations with the UFC. It’s not at all about the money, something the UFC has a lot of. The sticking point in negotiations is the idea of a co-promotional deal which would see any event that Emelianenko participates in to be promoted by both the UFC and M-1 Global; but it’s become very clear the UFC has no interest in such an agreement.

The UFC has done it’s best to compromise. Reports indicate that the UFC has agreed to a number of provisions including branding of M-1 within the UFC, the ability for

Emelianenko to continue to participate in Sambo competitions and even the possibility of letting M-1 Global receive part of the pay per view revenue. And despite M-1 management denying a claim that the UFC has tabled a 6 fight, 30 million dollar offer, it’s safe to say the monetary compensation Fedor would be receiving with the UFC would more than plenty. However, it appears these compensations won’t be enough.

Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker has also confirmed that his promotion has entered into negotiations with the Russian fighter to arrange a co-promoted event with M-1 Global. If this is the case Strikeforce could be the next destination for Emelianenko. Although the California promotion isn’t as high profile as the UFC, they could still offer up opponents such as Brett Rogers, Alistair Overeem and Fabricio Werdum, all of whom are top ranked heavyweights.

Negotiations with the UFC can’t go on for ever. Chances are if a deal can’t get done before tomorrow’s press conference that will be the end of talks, for now at least. Because as long as the world’s biggest fighter isn’t fighting in the world’s biggest promotion there will be speculation of when or if it will ever happen. But as it stands right now fans shouldn’t hold their breath.

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