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Jul 04th
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Home MMA Jesse “J.T. Money” Taylor: All-American Father/Top MMA Fighter
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Jesse “J.T. Money” Taylor: All-American Father/Top MMA Fighter


jesse-taylor-mmaBeing a single parent is truly one of life’s most intense paradoxes: the pride one feels in accomplishing the responsibilities of two people alone combated with the strain and pressure of carrying these duties alone.  Many everyday Americans are faced with this reality and go about their lives doing the best that they can, one day at a time.  As is common knowledge in the MMA world, fighters often do not make enough money from competing in the cage to support themselves, let alone provide for others.  They have to resort to outside employment and obtaining sponsors just to be able to put food on the table and clothes on their children’s backs.

One such patriot is professional MMA fighter Jesse “J.T. Money” Taylor.  The California-based combatant is responsible for his two young boys.   Speaking to from his home base, Taylor said, “I’m a single dad and I have two beautiful boys.  They keep me on the ball and fighting as I’ve got to support myself and two kids.”  Taylor added, “It’s tough.  Even at my level, it’s still hard to make a good living just from fighting.  You’ve really got to find good sponsors and teach a lot of [martial arts] classes on the side.  [Once] I get to the championship level, I think I’ll be fine.  Things are going well right now, so I really can’t complain.”

Taylor’s attitude and competitive nature are clearly the catalyst for his success in life.  Blessed with athletic prowess for football, baseball, and basketball, Taylor gravitated to wrestling because it was a sport that he struggled to master.  “I was really an athletic and competitive kid by nature,” Taylor voiced, “so I thought I’d pick up wrestling just like the other sports. All my buddies did it and I just wasn’t good at it.  I walked in there and got pinned.  I couldn’t fathom why I wasn’t good at this sport and that drove me because I wanted to excel at [wrestling], so it was nothing but hard work.”  He added, “I was really drawn to the sport because it’s a one-on-one competition; it’s not a team sport.  I really wanted to become the best and hard work got me there.”      

After shining in high school wrestling, Taylor proceeded to experience achievement at the collegiate level.  Once his academic-based wrestling career was over, “J.T. Money” was left with a competition void in his warrior spirit.  Having been a fan of the early MMA movement, the California resident knew that becoming a professional prizefighter was inevitable.  Taylor said, “It was kind of on a whim; I got offered a fight and I saw it as a new adventure and a new competition for me.  I did the fight and fell in love with it.  I felt like I was in a dream.”  He continued, “It was one of the greatest feelings I’ve ever had.  It was, like, better than sex, you know?  That kind of a feeling and I knew I was hooked.  After a few fights, I started relying on that income to provide for my family.”

After an early career that saw a few setbacks, Taylor hit his stride and began to really evolve into a top-notch professional.  Taylor is the Australian K-OZ Entertainment middleweight champion and a top middleweight contender under the World Series of Fighting banner in the United States.  The Californian is undefeated since May 2012, having won seven straight matches.  One might believe that this is something that consumes “J.T. Money” but the tough-as-nails battler quickly dismissed this notion.  He clarified that it “might be seven or might be eight, I don’t even know how many wins I’ve had in a row.  But I just want to keep it going.  I’m just trying to keep winning so I can keep getting bigger fights.”

In closing, Taylor conveyed his appreciation for those who support him.  He expressed, “I just want to thank the fans that have stuck by me as I’ve had a long up-and-down career but they’re still with me.  I fight for all those guys that are just trying to keep their head above water.  Keep on fighting, man, as I’m a fighter in all realms of life.  I also want to thank my sponsor,, as their support allows me to train fulltime and do what I love.”        

 Sergio L. Martinez

photos: Steven Arredondo

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wine insiders  - Jesse “J.T. Money” Taylor: All-American Father |
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CBD oil online  - Jesse “J.T. Money” Taylor: All-American Father |
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Southsider4Life  - Jesse Taylor Deserves a Shot in the UFC |
After fighting for just about every MMA organization in the world along with becoming a 6 Time Champion. Taylor deserves to fight in the UFC. I am not a big fan of wrestlers and prefer stand up fighters but I still believe he should get a chance to fight for the UFC. I was just wondering why he has not been given the opportunity. Does anyone know the reason why?
Jeff  - Much respect |
Without a doubt fighting is the toughest sport in existence. Fighting to put food on the table for your family is admirable and deserves much respect.
Ted Perez from Goodyear, AZ |
As an MMA fan back in the beginning of the sport, I remember the pot being somewhat low, like $50 grand or so after fighting a number of other fighters.

They used to take a real beating for that money I thought, not to mention all of the long training and other costs involved.

But that was then when the sport was in its infancy. Now the sport is mature and I honestly feel that these guys get about 5% of what they really do deserve.

Just look at Taylor, the face of a true fighter…I mean literally speaking, the face of a true fighter.
the last time I seen this guy fight was in the ultimate fighter several years ago and he did quite well
steve  - true definition of a fighter |
It’s good to see Jesse back in the lime light again. He has an incredible work-ethic, is consistent at what he does and is the true definition of a fighter
Bradley D  - Owner of |
can you please update your article and fix how you spelled 3 Lyttle Byrds EYES into WISE....


Bradley D
Anonymous  - cool dude |
Taylor is a real stand-up guy
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