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Sep 19th
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Home MMA Master Bae Han Martial Arts Inductee
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Master Bae Han Martial Arts Inductee

jennifer han boxingMaster Han has engaged in the martial arts for or forty-two years. Born September 15th, 1948 in Kyodong, South Korea, he was the eldest of nine children.  As a young man growing up in a place of intense conflict with North Korea, Master Han had to be prepared to serve his country at any given moment. Prior to being called to duty he studied and became proficient in the martial arts, especially under Grand Master Jae OK Myong . Not long thereafter, he was in the ROK Army as a KATSUA soldier.  As such, he was called upon to teach American soldiers various martial arts. While imparting martial arts knowledge and skills to the American soldiers. Master Han developed a close camaraderie with many of his students and dreamed of coming to the United States of America for opportunity and citizenship in a democratic country.

Master Han’s dream came to fruition in 1976.  Not long after his arrival he first took his martial arts skills to Alabama.  In 1978 he found a position in El Paso, Texas, and also was fortunate of the unexpected, meeting and marrying the charming and lovely Joyce Han in 1980. That union produced five children, Jennifer, Abraham, Israel, and the twins, Stephanie and Heather Han. And thus was the beginning of the El Paso Han Dynasty.

Setting up his dojo, Han’s Oriental Martial Arts, in Northeast El Paso, he became known as the ‘Go to’ martial arts instructor for students seeking to excel in the martial arts. He teaches respect, discipline, loyalty and for one to strive to be the best they can be under the most difficult circumstances or in seeking success in life. And that philosophy has endured for thirty-four years, for his students and his children.

Over the past two decades, Master Han has witnessed a phenomenal growth of dedicated students. More importantly, his offspring have brought state, national and worldwide acclaim for their championship ventures in various martial arts and boxing. Numerous titles won by his offspring have led many of us to regard the Northeast martial arts family as the ‘El Paso Han Dynasty.’ That is not too far-fetched of a claim. Jennifer holds state, national and world championship belts while Abraham has state and national titles as well as being an undefeated professional boxer.  Israel has regional and state championship belts and the younger twins, Heather and Stephanie, have been sensational in winning regional, state, and national championships in the martial arts, boxing and wrestling.

I believe it is safe to say that with Master Bae H. Han at the helm of the mighty El Paso Han Dynasty the citizens of the Sun City are in for many more decades of competitive success and giving us the best role models our children could possibly have. We are so fortunate to have stars in the skies, the star on Mount Franklin and the five stars of the Han dynasty.
Thomas W. Mckay

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