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Feb 25th
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Home MMA Renshi Sensei Benny Benavides - Jiu Jitsu & Grappling Champion
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Renshi Sensei Benny Benavides - Jiu Jitsu & Grappling Champion


benny-benavides-jiu-jitsuBenny Benavides was born in Los Angeles, California in 1961 but became a Texan when his family moved to El Paso, Texas when he was a seven year old. He enjoyed rough sports and took up Kenpo Karate with a coach Galarza at Hawkins Elementary School. He also engaged in Judo at Ft. Bliss from the sixth grade on to his latter teens at Jefferson High School. Somehow he found the time to be a boxing pupil of the renowned boxer and trainer, Jake Martinez.  He also studied Aikito under Doshu Edward Wilkes.

Benny’s boxing career was short lived as he discovered wrestling at Jefferson. He was immediately an astute learner and captained the B Team as a freshman. He also traveled to Colorado for the National Junior Olympic Championships and raced through the competition to win a gold medal. It was a first ever for an El Pasoan.

As a sophomore he wrestled the city’s best and claimed his first district championship. The state took notice and ranked him number one. At the state championships his youthful exploits while not in the gym came to the fore and his slight distractions, if you will, were enough to leave state with a fourth place medal. However, he finished the season with a 27-2 record. Benny say’s his teenage blues discouraged him from wrestling as he continued at Jefferson until his graduation in 1980. In 1981 he joined the United States Army. He was stationed at Ft, Bliss where he became team captain of the All Army Wrestling Team in 1982. After an unbeaten year he was then sent to Turkey and within the blink of an eye became the first American to become a European wrestling coach. He also wrestled as the team took on powerhouse national programs from Russia, Greece, Italy, Germany, and Turkey. His accomplishments during his European leadership, 1983-1985, included eight gold and two silver medals.

After an honorable discharge, Benny returned to El Paso and studied Tae Kwon Do under instructor David Cobb. He also began Jiu Jitsu and created his own combination form of wrestling and Jiu Jitsu, a form that was perfect for submission grappling. His friend and soon to be confidant for that style was the late Jiu Jitsu expert, James Butler. They hooked up in 2007 and El Paso Jiu Jitsu took birth. James realized the potential for Benny in submission grappling and after a few months of training took Benny to the Pan American Games in Los Angeles, California. Lo and behold, the rank beginner, Benny Benavides, exhibited supreme authority with his newly found skills as he demolished his foes and took the gold medal back to El Paso, Texas.  Continuing his career since 2007 it is quite amazing to realize that Benny would travel often to hostile environments and yet claim nine Grapplers Guests gold medals. It is astonishing that he became a six time NAGA gold medalist. It is even startling to learn that he took a UFC 100 Grappling crown in Las Vegas, Nevada. Astonishing, he fought in different weight classes and emerged with a total of four gold medals, meaning he also took the absolute title.

Other highlights of Benny’s magnificent career include a number one listing by NAGA in the Directors Lightweight No-Gi Invitational Division. In El Paso, Benny has provided Jiu-Jitsu clinics and training for the Ft. Bliss Combatives Instructors who train our United States soldiers. He has been instrumental in law enforcement as well training members of the El Paso Police Department, New Mexico and Texas State Troopers, the Border Patrol, and the Fort Bliss Police Department. So remember, when one thinks of extreme jiu-jitsu, consider the fact that Gold Medal Winner, Benny Benavides, is the force and power behind Xtreem Jiu-Jitsu, El Paso’s premier Jiu-Jitsu and MMA School. In 2011, The Masters Hall of Fame in Los Angeles, California, rewarded him for his remarkable record with a huge induction reception. Here in El Paso, Texas, we hope to make Benny Benavides, one of our own great athletes, proud to be in the El Paso Martial Arts Hall of Fame.  

Jiu Jitsu & Grappling Champion
Masters Hall of Fame Inductee 2011
5th Degree Black Belt in Jiu Jitsu
4th Degree Black Belt in Aiki Jiu Jitsu
4th Degree Black Belt in Goshin Do Ryu Jiu Jitsu

Thomas W. McKay

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Please input the anti-spam code that you can read in the image.  - Renshi Sensei Benny Benavides - Jiu Jitsu & Gr |
Best view i have ever seen !
농구 베팅  - Renshi Sensei Benny Benavides - Jiu Jitsu & Gr |
Best view you can finde , in this side of world!
Mario Morales  - Student under Sensei Benny |
This man is a first rate instructor. I'm a 51 year old man who has several medical issue related to military service. Studying under Sensei Benny has help me with all my medical issues. I have increased in strength & cardio endurance. Worth every penny. I thank GOD that Sensei Benny has come into my life. Thank you Sensei. See you Thursday.....
Super Mes  - Renshi Sensei Benny Benavides - Jiu Jitsu & Gr |
This website is amazing. I will tell about it to my friends and anybody that could be interested in this subject. Great work guys!
Ruben Marquez  - Special Invite |
As always there will be haters. Once someone told me "if they hate you that means you are doing something right." This goes out to all the people who like to spread negativity. If you have never rolled with Benny, then don't comment. This special invite is for you. Come on by and roll you can stay with your instructor we don't want you just stay where you are at and work hard to grow the sport. But come on by and roll at least during the open mat, just let us know ahead of time that is why you are there so we don't spend our time showing you why we catch you at every turn.
Leo Menchaca  - Great Coach |
Mr. Benny is an excellent coach. I've trained with many people, especially in Hawaii while I was stationed there, and Benny is by far the best instructor I've ever had. In El Paso, I wouldn't train anywhere else.
juan ayala  - hack |
He's a fraud. His belt at grappler quest was won without competing, his victories are all in the seniors and at blue belt level. He has burned bridges all over El Paso and good luck finding him at the same location 6 months from now. His black belt 4th degree? Really? He bought it from a guy who never even trained him and has never even studied Brazilian jiu jitsu. Check your facts. Ask about his students and his success as an mma coach. He can't retain students or fighters because they usually get the crap beat out of them at their first fight then leave and don't come back. All pro fighters and real mma gyms and coaches in el Paso consider him a fraud and a joke. Ask around.
Max "Payne" Martyniouk  - Great Coach |
I trained in El Paso, TX to sharpen my ground game at xtream jiu jitsu. I learned alot from Benny as I prepared for my pro mma debut on Strikeforce. Max Payne
Marcello  - Jiu Jitsu Champ |
With out a doubt! One of the best in the business. I have seen the talent with my own eyes. bYkM
Coach tom McKay  - Coach/Writer/Educator |
Benny is and has been a first rate Jiu Jitsu Master for over a decade. He is an El Paso Icon of the sport.
Thanks for the special article on him. Have a happy
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