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Apr 24th
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boxing_promotersThe aftermath of the Alexander Povetkin - Marco Huck matchup is not surprising to anyone who knows the history of the promoter in question, Sauerland Promotions. Nobody seems to want to mention it, but they are the most obviously corrupt force in boxing. Basically, Povetkin was lucky to keep his title via close, controversial decision. Not only was the performance of the judges called into question, but of the referee, as well. Luis Pabon repeatedly broke the fighters when inside work was taking place. His timing on this issue ion particular was off all night. Much like Canadian referee Marlon Wright, who botched the ending of the first Lucien Bute-Librado Andrade match, he is being rewarded with more work. He plays ball, and it shows. There are two other points about this match-up that are worth noting.

Povetkin was supposed to win easily. He is the number 3 heavyweight in the world according to many, and was not expected to have a rough night against a Cruiserweight belt holder, that was once KO'd by average punching Steve Cunningham, and has pretty much been carried ever since. Oh, how the heavyweight prospects are melting away on their own. Helenius and Povetkin were supposed to be the only ones left worth getting excited over. Tyson Fury is a hype machine, but no one is really considering him a threat to either Klitschko. Deontay Wilder seems to be hiding from serious competition. Now, Helenius and Povetkin have recently been rewarded with controversial decisions that made heroes (temporarily) out of their opponents. It has gotten so bad that the Klitschkos have to pretend they are fearing their inferior opposition, in order to sell tickets.

The second point I'd like to make, is that the corruption/incompetence surrounding Huck-Povetkin is even more ridiculous, when you consider that both men have the same promoter. This has happened before with Sauerland. Cunningham himself was the victim of shady dealings when his first match-up with Yoan Hernandez was stopped on a technical decision. The cut in question was minimal, and Cunningham was just coming on. Trouble is, both men are Sauerland fighters. Is Yoan just the favorite? Was this just a stupid call, rather than corrupt? The rematch being scored wider for Hernandez that was really the case hints at corruption, not incompetence. I know Sauerland's first two experiences in boxing involved Axel Schulz getting screwed on decisions over George Foreman and Franz Botha, but they have spent the last 16 years getting revenge.

Sauerland is not the only guilty party involving this infraction. Warriors Boxing, out of South Florida, had a lot of questions to answer in 2005, when Dale Brown seemingly outpointed O'Neill Bell, only to get screwed... unanimously in a 12 round decision, for the IBF Cruiserweight title. Both men were Warriors fighters, and no rematch was ordered. Brown had already lost to Jean-Marc Mormeck, the unified champion that was being groomed to face the winner, so maybe the agenda started there, but it does not justify it. Both Bell and Brown went downhill within a year or two, but not before Brown was screwed again by Warriors in a loss to journeyman Shane Shwartz.

Brown was from Canada, and Cunningham from the USA. They signed with foreign promoters because that's where the money was. Perhaps it didn't sheild them from not being favorites. Now, with the most recent result, the best of both business worlds can exist. Huck looks justified in remaining at heavyweight, where he can lose for big money against a Klitschko, while Povetkin retains his "belt", and can also force a big money loss. Huck was probably looking at a loss to a few of the other crusierweight champions. Now, he can abandon the division, as a belt holder. Looks like all is well in the Sauerland kingdom. I just wish people would stop pretending this wasn't a corrupt pattern.

Chris Strait

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