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Dec 08th
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boxing_glovesWhen are the Showtime commentators going to tell Antonio Tarver that Vic Darchinyan’s name is not Victor?  Vic is short for Vakhtang.

Speaking of Vic for short, I’d always applauded Darchinyan’s ability to learn from losses.  I think, however, he has finally suffered his “Hamed” loss.  Which means that he lost from being inferior; from being figured out… and there is nothing he can do about it.  Kudos to him for admitting it.

Speaking of admitting it… Agbeko did not help his cause by not admitting he was soundly beaten by Mares.  What did he think the judges were going to do, ignore the sharp, crisp punches by Mares, and reward his looping misses?  When he jabbed and threw the right hand, he won the rounds.  He did it in maybe 3 or 4 rounds.  It was his fight to control, and he failed.  Mares kept doing what worked.

Speaking of what worked, this was a fight that answered all questions.  Yes, Agbeko is a perpetual victim (in mentality), and yes, Abner Mares is a very dirty fighter.  Mares is the worst kind of dirty, too.  Joel Casamayor dirty.  Even when it is not necessary, and he has shown superiority, he still feels the compulsive need to hit borderline, or hold behind the head, or punch the kidneys.  It seems to be the result of insecurity, and that is hard to cure.

Speaking of hard to cure, if we let the German promoters continue their dominance, we might as well do away with judges altogether.  We have our share of shady decisions here, but they happen with unanimity over there.  Helenius was the recent beneficiary, as his opponent Dereck Chisora got screwed.  Why even go to the scorecards?  If the “opponent" doesn’t score the KO, just award the fight to the house figher, and skip the nonsense.

Speaking of skipping the nonsense, we can do without Showtime’s Fight Camp and the sit downs with Andre Ward, Carl Froch and Jim Gray.  These are some of the most blatant rip-offs of HBO, I have ever seen.  I usually like Showtime fights and commentary, sometimes even better than HBO, but please stop raping their formats.

Chris Strait
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