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May 25th
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mayweather-ortiz-boxingWell, Floyd Mayweather has another victory, and for the first time since 1998, he is a KO winner in the early rounds.  While the fight’s ending was bizarre, I do not see any controversy.  The Golden Boy execs are for sure going to try to spin their magic, so that all may go the bank once again.  There is, however, no real controversy to anyone looking at the fight through unbiased lenses.  I do not fault Mayweather or Joe Cortez for any of their actions, and I definitely do not see the need for a rematch.

First off, Ortiz was the only guilty party.  Why should he be rewarded with another payday when he was the only one who did anything illegal?  He was frustrated, and had already resorted to intentional headbutts by the 4th round.  This is because of reason number 2: Mayweather had proven his superiority.  It’s true that the longer a fight goes on, the more likely it is that anything could happen, but THIS fight was Ortiz’ chance to make that happen.  Again, he does not deserve a second fight because he broke the rules, and then for looked at the ref when he should have been defending himself.  That logic is twisted.  He was on his way to losing and he knew it… hence the headbutt.

Reason number 3: Joe Cortez did a pretty good job.  True, his glance away was ill-timed… but refs do need to check in with time-keepers in situations like this, and time was in.  He penalized Ortiz appropriately, and saw the important things happen, which were two legal punches.  Floyd isn’t even guilty of bad sportsmanship, because he accepted Ortiz’s hug.  He smiled, and returned it before punching.  It’s not as if Ortiz reached out, and Floyd popped him.  Even so, it would have been legal, but the “bad sportsmanship” mongers would have had a leg to stand on.  They do not have one now.

Some have pointed to Camacho-Haugen 1 as an example of how Floyd could have been penalized… but it is not the same thing.  Camacho was penalized, because at the time he threw at Haugen, the referee had called them together, and had not yet signaled to box.  People forget that the bell is not the sole signal to begin fighting.  The referee must also indicate with hand or verbal signals that it is ok to proceed.

Reason number 4: This fight was the perfect outcome for everyone involved.  Floyd fans got to see their KO, and be reassured that the old pro still has it.  Ortiz fans have their excuse, and obvious distraction from the weaknesses their man clearly displayed Saturday night: frustration, tactics, and chin.  Everyone quickly forgot that Victor was backpedaling for much of the fight, because of the way it ended.  Victor will be in line for more paydays, while had the fight continued, he would have been beaten up, bloodied, and stopped.  His reputation was saved by the controversy.  There is no need to do this again.

If they do, Mayweather will certainly win easily, and we will have just wasted time.  Fans have waited long enough.  Should Manny come through as expected against Marquez, the path will be as clear as it is ever going to be.  Sergio Martinez is the only challenge left for either of them, and as he is not with Golden Boy or Top Rank, it is very unlikely to happen.  No one wants to see Mayweather-Marquez 2.  Even less people than zero want to see Cotto or Margarito in with Pacquiao again, no matter what Bob Arum is telling himself.  Let’s get to the main course.  The fans deserve it, and the fighters have earned it.

Chris Strait

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