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Oct 17th
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Home Boxing KHAN VS. JUDAH
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khan-vs-judahI didn’t get a chance to make an official prediction here, as the fight was thrown together in less than two months time.  I am glad that it was, as I think the lead time most fights endure is not necessary.  Now I will join the tradition most fight writers engage in… making a detailed analysis the week of a fight.

Just when you think Zab Judah will not get any more chances, he does.  I find it odd that Shane Mosley has a handful of upsets to his credit, yet is doubted for attempting another.  Surely, he did not give a good account of himself against either Mayweather or Pacquiao, but those are the two best fighters in the world.  He has a history of fooling us, yet is not given the benefit of the doubt that he may do so once more.  Judah has no such history, yet keeps getting chances.

Other than winning 2 of the first 4 rounds from Mayweather, and avenging a defeat to Cory Spinks, has Judah ever really surprised us?  If so, he surprised us by losing.  His close shave with Lucas Matthysse is looking all the more forgiveable now that Devon Alexander had the same difficulties with the Argentinian. However, his win over Mabuza was not that impressive, given the competition, yet we are ready to anoint a second coming for the Brooklyn native.  Judah is a solid fighter, and legitimate former champion of the world, who loses against the hall-of-famers he fights.  So, why the excessive love?

I think much of this has to do with Judah ’s zipcode.  Most fight writers reside in NYC, and have an unapologetic bias toward fighters from their own backyard.  Also, because he never stopped showing flashes of brilliance, he kept teasing ug that he could be more than he was.  He also tends to lose competitively, or at least bizarrely, making him a great TV fighter.

Now that he has given himself to Jesus, many again think his immaturity will be a thing of the past.  As a non-religious man, I consider the die-hard conversion to Christianity to be the first sign of a slipping fighter.  Angel Manfredy and Evander Holyfield both got really ‘Christ-y’ right before the downslide began.  So, what should we expect here?

Khan will do what Khan does… fight offensively moving backwards.  He’s the anti-Winky Wright.  He’s Jermain Taylor with power.  Judah will not only be forced to stalk his opponent, but will likely not be the quicker man.  Not that he hasn’t won this way.  The Cory Spinks rematch comes to mind.  However, unless Judah is able to find the perfect angle to deliver that straight left-right hook combo over and over again, look for the angles to favor Khan, as he drills the right hand-left jab/hook combo of his own.

Judah is always competitive, especially early, but expect another breakdown.  His head, I believe, will remain clear… and I do not expect any antics, but a gradual wearing down of body is what I mean.  A unanimous decision win may be in order, but I expect Judah’s forward movement will force Khan to up his punch output… resulting in a late round TKO win for Amir.

Chris Strait

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