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Oct 17th
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boxing_glovesLucas Matthysse is not nearly the victim he is making himself out to be.  Sure, he is doing a great job of selling the idea that he was robbed against Judah and Alexander, but let’s look at these fights objectively.  In both cases, he took rounds off when he could ill afford to.  He was cleanly outboxed in at least 1/3 of the rounds.  He has no jab, swings wildly, tries to steal rounds in the last 30 seconds, and has lousy defense.  A guy like that is never gonna look like he is dominating someone.  Also, while he may score the occasional knockdown; much like his countryman Maidana, if he cannot shorten up the punches, he is not going to stop anyone at this level.  Maidana vs. Matthysse is one of the best fights to be made in boxing.  However, that is due to their shortcomings, as much as their strengths.

Speaking of shortcomings, Guillermo Jones should just retire  Fabrice Tiozzo did the honorable thing when promoters could not get him fights.  He was incredulous that he had a title, and could not get a fight.  Therefore, he walked away.  Jones finally got two fights scheduled within the same calendar year, and he has an injury.  Just walk away, “Felino”.   You’re in your late thirties, won a belt, made some money, and had a hometown defense.  Anything more is just not meant to be.

Speaking of Joneses who should quit… Is Roy Jones gonna keep trying until he has a meaningful win?  Much like Evander Holyfield, he is undeterred by losses.  His ego is too wrapped up in it now.  We almost have to hand him a belt, so he can feel he is walking away on a high note.  Like he told us all!  As he demonstrated with his comments after the Chavez Jr – Zbik match, he believes in the alphabet soup belts.  So, dig one up, and strap it on him, after he beats a journeyman in Pensacola .  This way he can retire with some (albeit delusional) dignity.

Speaking of retiring with dignity… bravo to John Duddy.  He gave it his all, entertained a lot of people, then walked away with his health, and the knowledge that he just couldn’t make it past a certain level.  As Craig McEwan showed, Duddy was walking away from a fight (with Andy Lee), that he may have won… but that was not the point.  He said he’d lost the fire, and that he was done.  Wish we heard that level of honesty and integrity more often.

Speaking of honesty, David Haye needs to start admitting nothing was wrong with his back in 2009.  The fight with Klitschko is signed, and he’s gonna show up next week (I hope).  He won’t look afraid now.  He can just say he was biding his time, and collecting a belt, so that he could make the most money.  If he does anything short of get blown away in a few rounds, he will look like a marketing mastermind.

And speaking of integrity, while I am not a big fan of Golden Boy's ludicrously stacked cards at Club Nokia, they do seem to have a good answer for the one-sided-ness of most nights.  They put on at least one fight between two no-hopers who brawl to the fans delight.  They still should put their fighters in with better opponents, but at least they are not cheating the fans.

Speaking of intelligent boxing men, I’d like to acknowledge the passing of Nick Charles.  Of all the commentators I admired, he was the one I related to the most.  He didn’t let his immense broadcasting skills outshine his passion for the sport he covered.  Boxing fans can tell the difference between the broadcasters who’ve been assigned to this sport, and those who truly love it.  Wally Matthews, Gus Johnson, Curt Menefee, and whatever rotating cast they are currently (and erroneously) using on ESPN 2 in Brian Kenny’s place, are not fooling anyone.  They are talented broadcasters, but not true fans.  Steve Farhood, Al Bernstein, Max Kellerman… these are boxing men first, good broadcasters second.  Nick was the rare combination of both, at the very top level.  RIP.

Chris Strait

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