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Feb 21st
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bob-arum-top-rankOk, I tried to defend the actions of Top Rank.  It was bad enough that the luster has been taken off of Juanma Lopez vs. Yuriorkis Gamboa forever.  I don’t care what happens in the rematch with Salido.  It is abbhorent that we are being given Pacquiao-Marquez 3, only after Marquez’ skills have clearly eroded, and he has already been dominated by Floyd Mayweather.  Now, they are “mexican-ing” their way out of Chavez Jr. facing Sergio Martinez, the true Middleweight champion.  It was bad enough they stole his belt.  Why did I try to defend these actions?

There is a very real reason Arum keeps it all in-house.  He, and to a lesser extent Don King, are the only real promoters left in American boxing.  Golden Boy is a noteworthy exception (more on that later), but what Goossen, Shaw, DiBella, and others do is not promotion.  It is site-booking.  They get a fee, and put on a fight.  Do you see their fighters advertising anything?  Do you see them on the radio, or TV?  Do you see them making cameos, or appearing on late-night shows?  Do you see them even learning English, if they do not already know it?

Don King has the harder job than Arum.  He doesn’t pander to the Latin market.  He signs fighters with no fans, and attempts to get them some.  The drawback is that it rarely works, and so they hardly ever fight.  The other promoters might keep their fighters busy, but a glance into the non-existent crowd at the recent Beibut Shumenov – Vysechlav Uzelkov WBA Light Heavyweight title fight in Lemoore , CA, lets you know just how much certain promoters care about putting fans in seats.  Sticking to the hometown, or piggybacking with promoters like Arum, Golden Boy, Sauerland, etc. who actually do hustle do put asses in seats, is how these other promoters fill arenas.  Therefore one can understand the frustration of Arum and King.  We do all the work, and you reap all the benefits?

However, that excuse does not work anymore.  Chavez Jr. “acquisition” of the WBC belt at Middleweight, and plans to face Miguel Cotto are a disgrace.  It is a case of flagrant racism, and Arum and Suliaman ought to be ashamed.  Sergio Martinez was not only stripped unjustly, but is being ducked by one of his challengers.  Where is it written that a Chavez cannot lose?  This irrational fear of letting an “L” appear on a Chavez record, has now screwed opponents from two generations.  Their fans will still show up if they lose.  What are you afraid of?  Sharing with Sampson and DiBella?  Grow up, Bob.  You’ll still make a lot of money.  Besides, if I understand the "emeritus" rule correctly, Chavez must face Martinez immediately, if Martinez decides it.  I wonder how you and Jose will duck that rule.

The 'not sharing' excuse is further un-called for in the case of Mayweather.  He sells tickets, just like Pacquiao, and Golden Boy does promote.  Also, how about putting into your contract, that your co-promoter MUST share certain duties, or you are compensated accordingly?  There are many ways around this problem.  It’s not an excuse to cheat the fans.  What it looks more and more like the case, is mere ego.  Fighters can redeem a bad reputation in the ring, Bob.  You cannot.  You can only do so, by swallowing your pride, and giving the fans what they want to see.  You’ve tricked us enough.  If you’re still not satisfied, you have an illness.

Chris Strait
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