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Jun 04th
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Home Boxing Pacquiao’s Statement Leaves Margarito Bruised!
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Pacquiao’s Statement Leaves Margarito Bruised!

pacquiao-vs-margaritoFor the first time this year, fans filling Cowboys stadium saw a win. Of course it was not the Cowboys, but it was a huge win none the less. On a night full of suspense, Manny Pacquiao stepped into the ring against the biggest, in size, fighter so far in his career Antonio Margarito. The fight split many fight fans in who they thought would win, the quicker, better Pacquiao or the bigger possibly more powerful Margarito. The only thing that was left was to ring the bell.

Even before the fight started there was drama as an associate of Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach spotted what he described as an Ephedra type substance in Margarito’s locker room and they immediately complained to the commission. It was decided by the commission that any illegal substances would show up in the post fight urinalysis. After all of the hoopla died and round one began, the beating began and history was made once again.

Pacquiao, 52-3-2 (38), started off the fight the way most of his fights start, a very aggressive coming forward and picking his spots. Margarito, 38-7 (27),  was able to use the jab to try to ward off the advancing Pacquiao, but it was not enough. Rounds 1-5 went very well for Pacquiao who peppered Margarito with combinations. Margarito was able to get off some thunderous shots, but they did not seem to phase Pacquiao. Somewhere around the fourth or fifth round a large welt under Margarito’s right eye that would become a major hindrance in the later rounds. Round six saw Margarito take control and for the first time in the fight, land a punch that seemed to momentarily stun Pacman. Pacquiao got back on his game in round seven, and not only started to work on the swelling around the right eye of Margarito, but started to close the left eye with wicked combinations. The swelling was starting to cause vision problems for Margarito causing referee Laurence Cole to call over the ringside physician to take a look. The physician cleared the Margarito and the fight continued.

When round 8 started, it seemed that Pacquaio had decided to take another round off, allowing Margarito to get the best of him and landing another shot that seemed to get the attention of Pacquiao. Only towards the end of round 8 did it seem that Pacman started to open back up. Going forward to round 10, Pacquaio’s best round as he landed thunderous haymakers and shook Margarito, swelling his face even more and possibly even causing a broken nose. The battered Margarito still showed heart and determination as he stood in and even walked towards Pacquiao. At the end of the round, the ringside physician came over to take another look at the battered mess formally known as Antonio Margarito. Somehow the physician looked at the battered fighter and decided that the limited vision and obvious painful condition he was in, was plenty to have the fight continue. In the other corner, Manny Pacquiao was telling his trainer Freddy Roach that he hoped the doctor would have mercy, step in and stop the fight.

In the championship rounds, Pacquiao continued to inflict damage, as blood started to seep out of the mouth of Margarito.  Occasionally, after he unleashed a flurry of combinations, Pacquiao would step back and look at the referee, almost pleading with him to step in and end the beating he was giving his opponent. Referee Laurence Cole just informed Pacquiao to continue fighting and that he did, furiously landing barrage after barrage on the slowly breaking down fighter in front of him. During the twelfth and final round, Pacquiao did enough to win the scorecards, but also made sure that he carried Margarito to the finish line. In the end, both fighters were standing and thankful the fight was complete. The judges scorecards were announced, judge Oren Shellenberger scored it 119-109, judge Juergen Langos scored it 120-108 and judge Glen Rick Crocker scored it 118-110. I also had the fight scored 118-110, giving Margarito rounds 6 and 8 in the fight. After the fight Pacquiao stated that he had actually started to feel sorry for his opponent in the later rounds.  Even Pacquiao’s mother got involved in the The win gives Manny Pacquiao his eighth title in eight different weight divisions, a feat no other fighter has ever done and just adds to the legend of Manny Pacquiao.

So where does this win bring Pacquiao? Where does the loss leave Margarito? Let’s start with Pacquiao. The fight that everyone is talking about, the one that would only help build up his hall of fame career, is getting into the ring with Floyd Mayweather. As simple as that sounds, it is not. Mayweather continues to duck, dodge and make excuses for why he will not fight Pacquiao. Mayweather also has some serious legal issues he will have to deal with 4 felony charges which could end up costing him 34 years in prison. He also has several misdemeanor charges to deal with, personal problems that have lead to the mother of his children obtaining a restraining order and the fact that his main trainer, his uncle Roger Mayweather, is also facing his own legal issues that may wind up with him behind bars. Even with all of that, does Pacquaio really need Mayweather? Hasn’t Mayweather, a great fighter but a man with serious character issues, already started to end his own career with the choices he has made outside of the ring? Has Floyd Jr. already gone too far in his personal issues that his boxing career has not only suffered, but may be on life support? With the problems that are sitting on the shoulders of Floyd Jr., it seems that the door is open for one Shane Mosley, a fight that is intriguing , but would have been a much better fight 5 years ago. Another train of thought, brought up by my special co-host on Fightin’ Words Radio Show’s pre-fight special, Stereo Transmitted Disease lead vocalist and boxing afficionado Chris Casso, who threw in the name Andre Berto to the mix. Berto, needs a superstar fight that this would bring, and Pacquiao would fit the bill perfectly. The fight would be a clash of power punchers and give credence to either fighter with a win.

As for Antonio Margarito, he will never be the same fighter he was after this fight. As I am writing this article, he is still in a Dallas hospital, mostly precautionary, but the damage he sustained will take its toll on him, much like the damage he inflicted on Miguel Cotto during their fight. The road for Margarito will be a long one back to the top of the division and one that may prove to be to arduous for him. A comeback fight with someone like Billy Lyell or Ronnie Hearns or even Cory Spinks could prove beneficial with a win. He would then have to position himself into a small title or eliminator bout to get himself built up into major belt contention. The damage suffered physically and mentally in this fight will play a big part in what happens in these fights to come.

With all said and done, one thing stood out on Saturday night and that was the fact that Manny Pacquiao will go down in history as one of the greatest fighters to ever grace the squared ring. I have always been a huge fan of Manny, well before he was fighting on PPV and last Christmas I was blessed with recieving a personally signed boxing glove by one of my sports heros, a gift from my beautiful wife and daughter. The glove is enclosed in a glass case (Which will soon be alarmed because of Chris Casso threatening to steal it) in my sports room. It certainly continues to increase in value after each win, but to fans like myself, the value was high enough before he became a superstar.

Bob Carroll

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Dave  - Way Go Pacquiao! |
Way Go Pacquiao!

Antonio Margarito is an ignorant cheater and should have never been allowed the money and honor to get smashed by Pac-Man!
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