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Apr 25th
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boxing_art_036I have talked about many of the same subjects repeatedly in recent months, it is because they are still not fixed.
1) Sauerland Promotions is STILL stealing decisions.  I know they were robbed in their first two title fights with Axel Schuilz, but they have gained more than enough of a credit line, stealing muliple decisions for Sven Ottke, Markus Beyer, and Nicolai Valuev.  This is not to mention the Abraham-Miranda fight, or the recent scorecard controversy over Karmazin vs. Sylvester.  I know many promoters engage in this activity.  Judges are bribed or silenced all the time.  In fact a California referee recently told me stories of the old days when he used to referee fights in Japan between Asian and Latin fighters.  Like clockwork, he said, each judge (Latin or Asian) would score for their own, and the referee would have to break the tie.  When this particular referee broke the tie against the house fighter, he did not work Japan for two years.  Don't expect Allan Green to get a close decision over Mikkel Kessler, either.  That fight should have been held in Green's hometown of Tulsa, if there was any fairness.  Kessler has fought both at home and away in the tournament.  Green has only fought away.  He's due for a home crowd advantage.  Until more people start putting the heat on Sauerland to allow their fighters to lose fairly, you will continue to hear from me on this subject.
2) Speaking of California referees, they STILL stop fights too soon.  The problem of them stopping fights too soon has actually gotten ridiculously worse.  Ground zero for this problem lately has been the Club Nokia Golden Boy fight cards.  Every time the house fighter strings together a good combination, the bout is stopped.  This never happens the other way around.  This has been a problem for years.  There is no such thing as an off-the-floor victory in California, especially if you are the opponent.  Jose Cobian once stopped 3 fights quickly on one night at the Staples Center in 2004... all in favor of the favorite.  These are professional fighters, and adults.  Thye know the risk/reward, and we/they are due some chances at exciting comebacks.  I wonder how many we have already been robbed of.  No one is talking about this but me, and the dialogue needs to start.  Above all, get the word out to opponents traveling to California to fight local fighters.  Do not get hurt!  At all!  You will not be allowed to recover.
3) People are STILL overrating many Latino fighters.  Chavez, Trinidad, (and I guarantee Cotto will join them), are all being remembered as being a lot better than they actually were.  I admire the adulation with whcih the Puerto Rican and excian fans follow the sport, but isn;tBoth were excellent fighters, but the god-like worhsip they receive is completely unwarranted.  None could handle extreme speed, or come from behind to win fights they were losing (legitimately, so don't mention De La Hoya or Meldrick Taylor).  Those are the makings of the extra special greats.  Am I saying they are not legitimate world champions or even hall-of-famers?  No way.  I am saying the worship needs to subside, as they are unworthy of it.  I'm already wondering if this unquestioning loyalty will extend to Filipino fighters, once Pacquiao retires.  I'm already a noticing a hypocrisy over the way the recent proposed Margarito vs. Pacquiao fight is being received.  Everyone blasts Mayweather for waiting until big names are past their prime to fight them.  Isn't Pacquiao doing the same thing by fighting Margarito now?  These same critics seem to be quiet now.

Chris Strait

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