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Sep 23rd
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antonio_margaritoIn the wake of Margarito being denied a license by the state of California, as well as the top experts picking him to be sliced and diced by Pacquiao, there are many fans in boxing who are beginning to circulate the idea that Tony 'PlasterCaster' is actually getting what he deserves.  To these people, I will say, you are missing the point. 

First of all, the fight is going to happen.  Playing the California Commission game was simply a PR move.  Bob Arum doesn't believe in justice, or fairness.  He is a businessman and lawyer.  He believes in profit... and Margarito makes money, for now.  I say 'for now', because his loss to Mosley, as well as his rusty unimpressive comeback fight prove he is likely done as a serious threat.
Now, in all fairness, this probably has nothing to do with hand-wraps.  Aggressive fighters who absorb a lot of punishment, don't handle 15-20 year careers well.  Plus, he barely laid an effective glove on Mosley, so he was going to catch a beat-down that night anyway.  Arum is attempting to cash in on the allure of controversy, the loyal Mexican fan-base, and the big Pacquiao dollars to make a killing. 

Notice there will be no more tune-ups for Margarito, as their should be.  If Arum really thought he had a chance to win, he'd want to get him ready for that fight.  Also, why do you think this fight will be heading to Texas, where commissioner Dickie Cole has an equally unimpressive history of bias and unfairness? 

Arum is making his millions before two inevitable things happen:  Margarito will be exposed as being finished, and Pacquiao will lose to Mayweather next year, and retire for political life.  So, yes, Margarito is headed for a beating, but he will get ridiculously rich for it.  He will also make Pacquiao seem even more invincible, before Floyd removes the cloak to the tune of more insane millions.  Cotto probably only has a few fights left in him, if that, so Arum is about a year away from losing all of his big cards in these weight classes.

We should all be so lucky to retire in this fashion.  What Margarito actually deserves is to be frozen out of the Pacquiao sweepstakes, while someone more deserving of the payday, like Paul Williams or Timothy Bradley, gets the shot.  They are black, however, and promoted by other men.  Arum sees no dollars there, so it won't happen... but that would be what is deserved.

Chris Strait

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