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Aug 11th
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 boxing_art_035In the wake of the recent Steve Cunningham-Troy Ross title fight, I guess there has been talk of a tournament like the Super Six at Cruiserweight.  Actually, I think a tournament is an excellent idea.  However, some things need to be done sooner rather than later. 
I think the Super Middleweight Super Six is great, however at 200lbs, things are in such chaos, that there is no time for multiple brackets.  I believe a round robin of eight fighters is the way to go here. 
First off, it must be set up properly.  Allow Guillermo Jones and Valery Brudov to finally fight this summer, getting a belt-holder back in the ring after a ridiculous two-year absence.  Also, give Troy Ross another shot at a title, by allowing him to fill the August date with Marco Huck. 
I think the German promoters should run this entirely.  The money, as well as the demand, is solely in Europe for this division.  Besides, the only way we can stop crooked Sauerland Promotions from stealing decisions, is if they own a stake in all fights/fighters.  Perhaps all of the fights should take place in Germany , but televised on Showtime over here.  Here is how I see the brackets shaping up. 
This tourney can start this Fall, and be done by Summer 2011 (ironically when Super Six is supposed to finish).  We can also involve all belts, and emerge with one unified, untouched champion (who will of course vacate to move to Heavyweight), but at least we’ll be introduced to the fighters, and get a lot of great action.  I am predicting that Huck will beat Ross, and Jones will beat Brudov, so that is where I get the “Cruiser Eight” started:
Kristoff Wlodarczyk vs. BJ Flores - Flores is one of three Americans chosen for this tourney, and the only one without experience in Europe .  He has been winning when he bothers to get in the ring, however, and is worthy of a title shot.  It should be an exciting back and forth fight, which Wlodarczyk wins by close decision.
Marco Huck vs. Guillermo Jones – Jones is not getting any younger, and will also be facing a motivated Huck.  A unification fight right out of the gate may also lead to a front runner.  Huck by decision.
Firat Arslan vs. Matt Godfrey – Godfrey’s second trip to Europe will be merely to confirm that Arslan is over the hill, and perhaps just lucked into a belt against an aging Virgil Hill in the first place.  Godfrey will likely not get a stoppage, but a wide unanimous decision (scored closer, due to the location of the match being Germany ).
Steve Cunningham vs. Rudolf Kraj – Cunningham is the better fighter, and now that he is German-promoted, he no longer has to worry (for now) about shady decisions.  Cunningham by unanimous decision.
These four fights should take place on two cards, within two weeks of each other, in Nov/Dec 2010.  In March or April of 2011, the semi-finals should take place:
Cunningham vs. Godfrey – This fight was already supposed to have happened, and I believe it will be more exciting than people think.  Not shockingly, it will sell more tickets in Germany than it would here, even with two Americans.  Cunningham has a little more, though, and has been more consistent.  He will win by unanimous decision.
Wlodarczyk vs. Huck – This will be another exciting action fight.  The most likely scenario is that Wlodarczyk will deserve the decision, but Huck will get it. 
The final should take place in July, which will be the much-hyped rematch between Cunningham and Huck, for all four belts, and the Ring Magazine undisputed title.  Wlodarczyk and Godfrey will fight on the undercard for a “bronze medal” of sorts, which will result in a Godfrey decision win.  Huck will take a close, controversial decision, and set up a third match-up for bigger money, which will be won by Cunningham.  I know I am assuming a lot... but to a year from now, this could all have already happened, if done correctly.
This tourney does leave out some names like Danny Green, Giacobbe Fragomeni, Herbie Hide, Ola Afolabi, Brudov, Ross, etc.  However, with the immediate exit of four of the participants, they won’t be left out for long.  This division always provides action, and even though I predicted no knockouts, I’m sure there will be surprises.


Chris Strait

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