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Jan 24th
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boxing_glovesRIP Edwin Valero.  What you did was disgusting, but you made it as right as you could.  Spare the Venezuelan taxpayers a big trial, and not give the Venezuelan government a chance to do something else corrupt (look up Foreman vs. Norton, post fight tax).
Congrats to Sergio Martinez.  You showed me.  Funny thing is I predicted the first 9 rounds accurately.  What I did not expect is Martinez to be the one to land the big shot that changed things.  Once Pavlik was willing to look bad by throwing more, he took control.  After his eye was cut in round 9, however, Pavlik could not longer see, and had trouble pulling the trigger.  That made all the difference.  The trouble is with Martinez, is that while Paul Williams and Kelly Pavlik laid the blueprint on how to beat him, very few people can pull it off easily.  Including them!  You have to be big, strong, durable, and be able to throw for 12 rounds!  Maybe Margarito still has what it takes.  Stranger things have happened.
Don't write off Pavlik just yet.  Brian Viloria and Robert Guerrero were also supposed to have been exposed multiple times... yet they keep coming back, and keep winning titles.  They learn, they have heart, and fight in the proper style for their strengths.  Say what you want about Pavlik, but he definitely has all of that.
The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that Carl Froch is going to have a very tough night against Mikkel Kessler.  Not just because Kessler will be more motivated.  Not because Froch's fights with Dirrell and Taylor showed more of his weaknesses than strengths.  Not only because the hometown guy seems to always win in the Super Six.  It is because Kessler is a better fighter, and unless he is a shell after the Ward fight, that is going to come out.  Froch has more physical gifts than many fighters I can think of, but that has only led to bad habits that will be exposed against a technically proficient fighter like Kessler.
Kostya Tszyu should not return, as he is teasing that he may do.  He is likely a hall of fame fighter already (not immediately, but eventually), and would be fighting in the very talent-rich 140lb and 147lb divisions.  Oh, the beatings that await him as an elder statesman.  He is one of the few who got out at the right time.  He should not ruin this by chasing Pacquiao money that he will never win enough bouts to gain anyway.
Chris Strait

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