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Dec 06th
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Fights That Should Happen

boxing_glovesAmir Khan vs. Ricky Hatton.  This is the farewell fight that Hatton should be targeting.  Khan brings more domestic excitement and support than Junior Witter ever could, and therefore even more money.  It is also a winnable fight for Hatton.  Khan has made great strides since his loss to Breidis Prescott, but he has never dealt with the pressure that Hatton can bring, plus his chin will likely always make any fight with a puncher interesting.  It is just as winnable for Khan, as speed and skills in excess have been the only things that have brought Hatton down as yet... plus Ricky's chin is also suspect.  It is also not a fight that will diminish any legacies.  If Hatton loses, he will be viewed as to have lost to a championship-level fighter, and to be simply past his prime.  If Khan comes up short, he will have lost to a former undisputed champ, who still has fight left in him, and maybe that the former Silver Medalist just wasn't ready for this step up.  Both men have a lot more to gain than lose... but will their egos allow them to not have the whole Manchester crowd in their back pockets for once?  That (and Marcos Maidana's right hand) are the only things potentially stopping this great fight.
Ivan Calderon vs. Brian Viloria.  This one seems to be happening.  The sad thing is it will likely be buried on low-level pay-per-view, and not on HBO or Showtime, where it belongs.  The Viloria fight is the only one that can make Calderon appear the slightest bit exciting, and "Iron Boy" is the only fighter that can box rings around Viloria without anyone calling it an upset.  However, everyone was high on Ulises Solis before "The Hawaiian Punch" landed his.  Maybe he can expose yet another padded record.
Tomasz Adamek vs. Brian Minto.  This fight between two brawling Crusier/Heavies, is a natural for Philadelphia, and not just because of it's brawling history, but because the fans of West Pennsylvanian Minto, and the Jersey City-based Adamek won't have to travel far to pack an arena.  Both men are TV fighters, who can take it a bit better than the other can dish it out.  Adamek is the Cruiser champ, who wants to make a splash at Heavyweight.  Minto is a small Heavy, who wants to test his mettle against the 200lbers.  Can this fight be boring, by any imaginable scenario?

Floyd Mayweather vs. winner of Berto/Mosley.  Floyd vs. anyone else will put him a step behind Manny Pacquiao.  Not even a Paul Williams or Kelly Pavlik fight would stop the "Money" train from derailing.  Maybe Manny is juicing, but he's taking on Clottey in Floyd's absence, and only an Ace can beat that King.  Complain all you want, Floyd, but you will be... as they say in traffic laws, dead right!   All of this Bradley, Malignaggi, and (are you kidding me!) Matthew Hatton talk is ridiculous.  If you care about your legacy, fight Shane (who I think will win).  If you don't, just retire. 
Chris Strait

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Best view i have ever seen !
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