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Dec 02nd
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Home Boxing Yusaf Mack is ready to “get the respect he deserves!" against Glen Johnson
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Yusaf Mack is ready to “get the respect he deserves!" against Glen Johnson

yusef_mackYusaf Mack is currently getting ready for the biggest fight of his career which is scheduled for January 30th, 2010. Yusaf Mack, 28-2-2 (17) will fight Glenn Johnson, 49-13-2 (33), on the Berto-Mosely undercard. The light heavyweight took the time out of his busy training regimen to answer a few questions ranging from his new promoter Lou DiBella to the biggest issue in boxing, drug testing.  Throughout the interview you could feel the hunger and confidence that Yusaf has, he wants his respect and he wants it now. If Yusaf Mack gets by Glenn Johnson, the light heavyweight division better watch out because he has a list of his future targets, and if you’re in that division….you might be on it.

Jon Crane (JC):  In your last two fights you beat two solid fighters in Chris Henry and DeAndrey Abron. You continue to build your stature and you put yourself in a position for this fight against Glenn Johnson, how did the opportunity come about?

Yusaf Mack (YM):  My promoter Lou DiBella told me that he had a formidable opponent for me to fight, I asked who it was and he said it was Glenn Johnson. I said let’s do it and I want to beat one of the best.

JC:  So it is evident that your promoter Lou DiBella has opened more doors for you, how has this affected you?

YM:  I just want to prove to him that I am one of the best fighters he got besides Berto.
JC:  Having a showdown with one of the top fighters in the division, Glenn Johnson, has been a long time coming for you. Do you feel your being overlooked, underestimated, or is the division just avoiding you?

YM:  I think the division has been overlooking me because of the two losses to two middleweights. They’re not looking at those two losses from being weight drained and killing myself. At light heavyweight is where I am supposed to be at. I am one of the best, if not the best light heavyweights out there.

JC:  Your current trainer is John Tandy, what has he done for your career and what has he done to get you in the great fighting shape you’re in?

YM:  He’s done everything; since I’ve been with him my life has turned around. We agree on approaches together, if something isn’t right we talk about it. He has me taking care of myself like I have never done before everything from running to vitamins. Without him I wouldn’t be where I am today, I would still be where I was at.

JC:  With the big fight with Glenn Johnson, have you done anything different in your training regimen or have you just stuck with what has been working for you?

YM:  We have stuck with what has been working for us, but with a little more intensity and flavor to the fire. I already have the skills but just adding a little more into it, adding fuel to the fire.

JC:  Speaking of adding fuel to the fire, leading up to the Henry fight many thought he was going to win that fight, when he won, it was said “Well, Henry just isn’t that good”, and the respect didn’t come your way. How did you turn that into motivation?

YM:  Well it started with Henry telling me to bring my pillow and putting me in a casket. Henry was throwing 200 hundred punches a round. He was throwing 40-50 against me. People telling me that Glenn is saying he is going to do this or do that against me, but in my opinion Chris Henry is a better fighter then Glenn.

JC:  It is evident you are confident going into the fight against Glenn Johnson, what brings on this confidence?

YM:  I know I got to prove to the world by beating one of the best that I am the best. Hopefully by beating this one guy I can prove I am the best and get the respect that I deserve.

JC:  If you were to be victorious are there any names out there that you want to fight next?

YM:  I got a list that I want to fight in an order Jean Pascal  (25-1), Tavoris McCloud (20-0), and Chad Dawson (29-0), I want to fight all the top guys.

JC:  If Dawson was to come calling would you change your order?

YM:  I just want to fight the top guys and get the belts. I want to fight them and take what’s mine. If it should be in a different order I will do it.

JC:  One last question, with everything that is going on with Mayweather (40-0) and Pacquiao (50-3-2) what is your opinion on blood testing?

YM:  Me as a fighter I would just take the test and prove everybody wrong. Show everyone that I was beating them by my fighting skills. I feel he is hiding something, if he wasn’t hiding something he would just take the test. If he is the fighter people say he is, then take the test and prove me wrong. Go out there and make the type of money that has never been made before.

I want to thank Yusaf Mack for taking time out of his training day to speak with Convicted Artist Magazine. From the Southernmost Corner of the United States….Jon Crane



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