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Jun 26th
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Home Boxing Notable Quotes: Vitali Klitschko vs. Cristobal Arreola Edition
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Notable Quotes: Vitali Klitschko vs. Cristobal Arreola Edition

klitschko-arreola_boxingIn preparation for the upcoming WBC heavyweight title bout between titlist “Dr. Iron Fist” Vitali Klitschko and undefeated Cristobal “The Nightmare” Arreola on September 26, Convicted Artist Magazine’s very own Ms. Margherita Valentini has compiled quotes and opinions from some of Our Sport’s notable, quotable experts. Read on and enjoy!

The question:
Margherita Valentini:
What are your thoughts on the upcoming Vitali Klitschko vs. Cristobal Arreola fight?

John Bray (The John Bray Boxing Foundation, “The Contender: Season Four”): First thing is...sharing a tent next door to Chris and Henry (Ramirez, Arreola’s trainer) at the Spa Casino in Palm Springs, CA, where I was with Miguel Espino at the time...Chris Arreola is a gentleman as well as Henry. I wish them all the luck in the world! This is an opportunity, not only to represent your sport and yourself inside the ring but outside, as well. For his people and himself, to be the very first Mexican Heavyweight Champion of the World. I hope he takes full advantage of this opportunity.

Ruben Gomez (renowned veteran trainer/cutman): It's going to be a very short but exciting fight.

Roy Englebrecht (Boxing and MMA promoter, Roy Englebrecht Promotions and Events/“Battle in the Ballroom”): Looking at the Vitali Klitschko and Cristobal Arreola fight, a veteran against a rookie, someone who has been in the limelight, the big stage (Klitschko), against someone who has never been there (Arreola)...heart racing, stage fright, the energy in the locker room because he's going to be so anxious...this isn't the Nokia Theatre or the Tachi Palace. This is the Staples Center for a world championship.

Les Bonano (Leslie Bonano INC.): It is going to be an exciting fight. Hard to pick a winner because both fighters can punch. Either guy can take the other out. It's going to be exciting to watch! And it'll end in a KO!

Frank Luca (Frank Luca’s Crown Boxing/ Vitali is bigger, stronger and has more experience and should retain his title. I have to give Chris Arreola this: He has a lot of heart but Vitali should be victorious.

Bob Case (Vice President, International Boxing Association/ First of all, any fighter can be beaten. And, as I'm sure you've heard before, you can tell the state that boxing is in by what is happening in the heavyweight division. Well, there are no recycled fighters coming up; no turnover. There are very few fighters in any division that are standing out and apart, generating a lot of interest. That's why this is a great fight for boxing. There has never been an American heavyweight that has generated so much excitement and interest in the division in a long time. And he (Arreola) is the closest thing to a legitimate Mexican heavyweight contender that there has ever been. Mexican boxing fans are some of the greatest and most loyal fans in the sport today. A fight like this could be very uplifting to boxing and add some much needed personality to a division that I liken to a beige spot on a beige wall.

Exclusive Chris Arreola Interview click here.

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Les Bonano

Event Co-ordinator

(504) 258-0044
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