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Dec 06th
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Home Boxing Minto vs. Holmes ends in Controversy!
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Minto vs. Holmes ends in Controversy!

brian_mintoThis past Friday night featured two heavyweights who are in search of solidifying themselves as the next world title challenger as Brian Minto 34-2 (21) took on the former unbeaten Donnell Holmes 31-1-2 (27), in Minto’s hometown of Butler, PA.

Minto,  who has earned himself six consecutive victories coming into the bout with Holmes, looked to be on his way to yet another W, or at least it appeared that way in the first few rounds against Holmes, who all though was holding his own, was being beat to the punch early on by Minto.

There was a lot of stalking on Minto’s part, who backed up Holmes for the most part of the rounds, and there was a good amount of holding as well when the two tried to fight in close quarters. Minto no doubt earned the first three rounds, but Holmes could have been awarded the fourth as he found his range with his jab, and was given the round by one ringside judge.

At the end of round four, Holmes’s one and only round he won, the fight was abruptly stopped by the ringside doctors, due to the fact Minto suffered a cut over his left eye, from what was called an accidental clash of heads. The only problem with that scenario was the fact that the referee never called it as it happened. And that has the camp of Donnell Holmes furious.

So at this point and time, we all know that Brian Minto received a nasty cut over his left eye, was it from a punch or head butt, that is the million dollar question. So for now, whether you like it or not, Minto is the winner, and Holmes now has once loss on his resume. But we do know that within the week the fight will be reviewed by the commission, and there could be a small chance that the fight be ruled a No Contest.

More news to come.

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George Pawluk  - Rematch |
If they do rule it a no contest, so be it and schedule a rematch! Bring it on !
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