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Jul 01st
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Big Dog's Boxing Headlines


This past weekend was bitter sweet for the fans of the “sweet Science”, all though there were some news makers on Friday Night Fights, along with a couple of victorious heavyweights trying to make a come back, the Sunday morning news that the fight world woke up to was a complete shocker. Former world champion and all around good guy Vernon Forrest was viciously gunned down at a gas station in Atlanta, GA by two unknown assailants.

Forrest, who was still a major player in the 154-pound division, was only thirty-eight years old and left behind a twelve-year old son. From what I have gathered from the news, Vernon pulled in the station Saturday night to check his tire when he was approached by a thug who tried to take his wallet. After a foot chase, Forrest headed back to his car and was ambushed and shot in the back. Reports say Vernon took seven to eight slugs from two semi automatic weapons. There will be more to this story in the coming days, hopefully an arrest and conviction could be made.

Our thoughts and prayers goes out to the former champ as well as to his family, may he rest in peace.

Forrest’s death was not the only one reported this weekend amongst the boxing community. Former amateur stand out and heavyweight prospect Francisco Montivias died Saturday from injuries sustained in his fight Friday night in Mississippi. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Montivias family.

Two Twins, Two Fights, only one Victory!

If you tuned into ESPN’s Friday Night Fights, then you witnessed some good action, and a major upset of a highly touted prospect.

In a double co feature that showcased twins Juan and Carlos Velasquez battling in separate bouts, both went in undefeated and only one remained that way.

Super featherweight prospect Carlos Velasquez 11-0 (9) stayed unbeaten by defeating Juan Nazario 6-2-1 (4) in six rounds of sheer ugliness. Cannot blame it all on Velasquez, it is not his fault his opponent should of worn track shoes, or maybe some lipstick. When Nazario wasn’t heating up the floor in sprints, he had his hands all over Carlos holding on for dear life. The fight ended with the unanimous decision in Velasquez’s favor. Just too bad his brother Juan’s fight could not have ended up that way.

Juan Velasquez 9-1 (5) entered his super bantamweight match-up undefeated, and by the looks of his opponent, Jose Angel Beranza 32-15-2 (25), who came into the fight only winning one out of his last seven bouts, it appeared Juan’s record would stay intact.


Velasquez came out winning the first two rounds, using his jab, but the third round was the beginning of the downfall of Juan when he hit the deck not once but twice in the round. All though Velasquez had his moments through the duration of the bout, it was the aggression of Beranza who stole the show earning a much needed W via unanimous decision.

Hometown Hero Doesn’t Digress

ESPN’s main event featured El Paso resident, junior featherweight contender Antonio Escalante 21-2 (13) who earned his way to a title shot by defeating the very game Cornelius Lock 18-4-1 (11). It was ten rounds of decent action as the border town of El Paso cheered on Escalante.

Escalante was more aggressive, faster and seemingly hungrier in this fight than Lock. You cannot count out Lock, he had heart, he was floored twice, stunned a few times, but battled on.

After ten rounds of Escalante winning the war, the judges saw it in his favor giving Antonio the unanimous decision victory. It appears that with this victory, Escalante will be biding for the 122-pound title in the near future.

Heavyweights on the Comeback Trail

This past weekend the fight world also seen the rise of two heavyweight contenders who are in search of another world title shot as well as the fall of a former world title holder, the question is, which will be the next to fall?

First we get to the former WBC heavyweight titlist Samuel Peter 31-3 (24), who was in dire need of a win. Dropping his last two bouts, first to Vitali Klitschko and then to Eddie Chambers, it appeared that the end could have been coming soon for the “Nigerian Nightmare”.

Well, in a fight that he should of won in kayo fashion, which he did, Peter gets his first win in nearly a year and a half by knocking out journeyman Marcus McGee 22-17 (11) in three rounds. What does this do for Peter?

Well, he earned himself a much needed win over an opponent that was safe to do so, in Peter’s defense, he did come weighing in twenty-two pounds less than he did when he lost to Chambers for months ago.

Former two-time heavyweight title challenger Fres Oquendo 31-5 (20) drew a little closer to contender status by knocking out former champ Bruce Seldon 40-8 (36).

Oquendo utilized his speed and craftiness to bang his way to the victory over Seldon, but all though forty-two years old and way passed his better days, Seldon did show some signs of aggression and power which made this a very good heavyweight bout.

All though Seldon did do his best in garnering the victory, the night was Oquendo’s who dropped Seldon in the ninth round with a combo, earning the victory at 2:35 when Seldon on one knee not even trying to beat the ten count. It is Oquendo’s second victory since losing the split decision to James Toney.

Where do these three heavyweights go from here?

First off, with all due respect to Bruce Seldon, in the opinion of many, maybe it is time to hang up the gloves and look to the future. As far as Oquendo and Samuel Peter, Peter is ranked while Fres is not. Maybe these two should meet up in the ring?

Stevenson Keeps them Sleeping! 

To wrap up the weekends headliners, we will close with undefeated welterweight prospect James “Keep'em Sleepin” Stevenson10-0 (9), who put to sleep his foe Ken Dunham 6-9 (4) in three rounds to earn the NABC and WBF Americas welterweight titles.

This is the second time Stevenson has met up Dunham, Stevenson had Dunham down four times this past March en route to a second round victory. And all though Dunham was more elusive in this go around, the end result was the same, just a round later, as Stevenson floored Dunham three times to earn himself the victory at 1:31 in the third. It is reported that Stevenson will now take on Adrian Redmond 4-6-1 (3) later next month.

Stay tuned to Convicted Artist Magazine for upcoming interviews as well as breaking news in and out the sports world.

Benny Henderson Jr.

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I'm with you 100% bcarroll. Pardon my french, but fuck you Anti-clog. If you could see me you would notice that i am holding these two big things for you to suck, they are called balls. It is unfortunate that you don't have a pair. What's wrong cry baby? Baby needs a bottle cause Daddy Benny wouldn't let you play outside? Grow up.

You do realize that just the mere fact that you are taking time to follow Benny, is a compliment to the lasting power my good friend BHJ has. Like him or hate him, you can't keep him out of your mind.

Show yourself coward.
bcarroll  - Really? |
To the poster that left the message about Benny,
What do you have against Benny? He is probably the hardest working, most knowledgeable boxing writer I have come across. His interviews are personal and very informative. If you weren't such a chicken shit, you would have posted your name and the real reason that you have decided to post this crap! In truth, you are a writer from his former site and now that we have started stealing away your readership, you have been forced to come on our site to post this unintelligible slop. Next time have the balls to post your name as any true man would have done, you jealous jackass!
Bob Carroll
lucesita  - Henderson Rocks |
It´s apparent that you find Henderson quite interesting, just like we all do, or you would not have bothered to comment :)
Hee hee haw haw  - lol |
LOL LMAO Claude? :unsure:
Anti-Clog  - God Help You All |
Benny "Big Clog" Henderson is, without any doubt, the worst boxing writer to have EVER denigrated the sweet science with his mental diarrhea. I see this site has a much more competent editor than the last site Clog wrote poorly for, as evidenced by Benny's piece being somewhat understandable. I suggest management go ahead and give this poor bastard a raise, so as to avoid the inevitable threats of quitting. This will happen once he has had to edit a few more of Ben's shitty, amateurish (f)articles. Seriously, Convicted Artists, cut yourselves loose from this elephantine albatross before he ruins your site like he did at Doghouse boxing. It's a fact that their numbers dropped like a cornish game hen down Henderson's throat once he became head writer there.
He killed that once strong site, and he will kill this one. I'm dead serious, no true boxing fan wants to read a boxing article which appears to have been written by a brain damaged 4th-grader.

Peace and farty fart.
ej |
good job bro
dalton  - good writer |
Man that Benny a good addition to convicted artist, love his work
Jawbone  - Death of Vernon Forrest |
I have always thundered the opinion that America needs to clean up the streets in our own land before we go globe-trotting to spend billions of dollars in lands that we are not welcome in or are not a global threat. The punks that killed Vernon are vermin of the most evil sorts. The problem is, they are not only violent and unremorseful, they are proud of their low-life status. Why not, how many times do they end up with a criminal record of arms length before the justice system finally puts them away, if at all?
What a sad blow to boxing and the champions like Vernon who should be stars for their rise to accomplishment rather then hamburger meat for street thugs.
Disgusting, and if you don't think the death penalty works, consider the hard-cold fact that not a single evil-doer who has been executed ever came back to do his cruelty again. These killers fit the description for making Darwin's top-ten list of bastards that don't deserve to procreate.
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