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Feb 21st
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Home Boxing July, not a good month for Boxing as the Fight World mourns for another lost Warrior
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July, not a good month for Boxing as the Fight World mourns for another lost Warrior


 It was just a few short weeks ago that I received a message that read, “Arturo Gatti murdered”. I was driving down the road and could not verify the message, several thoughts were running through my head. Is it a sick joke, maybe a typo, just a plethora of back and forth feelings. So I called my buddy Bob who was able to confirm Gatti’s death, and how the former warrior had lost his life.
I, as the entire fight world was shocked.
The world had just lost one of the greatest junior lightweights ever to grace the ring in Alex Arguello, who July 1st apparently took his life. And just ten days later, the world received word that Gatti’s life had been taken by his wife. Both losses were a big pill to swallow.
The month of July has not been a good month for boxing, the twenty-second of this20month, just four days after losing to Omar Chavez, junior welterweight Marco Antonio Nazareth passed away from injuries sustained in the fight.
Saturday, I was informed by Brad Cooney of 8Count News that the former two-time amateur champion, Francisco Moncivais, who was only in his second professional bout, had passed away due to injuries he suffered in the ring.
I was thinking, how in the world could it get any worse for the boxing world, four fighters, two of them legends, all of them human beings, gone in a matter of weeks. It was a thought now I wish would have never of crossed my mind.
After waking from a night’s rest and checking my phone messages, I received a text message from Cooney that read, “Vernon Forrest shot and killed in Atlanta”. I know Brad would never send me a message as such, unless it was accurate. And after talking with Brad, and reading the headlines, it sunk in…the world of boxing just lost a very good man. From the media, Forrest had pulled into a gas station to put air in his tire and had been robbed. Vernon followed pursuit of the criminals and when Vernon gave up chase and headed back to his car, he was gunned down by two semi automatics, and at this time there are no witnesses.
Vernon Forrest was a U.S. Olympian, a former two division world champ20a four time champ in all, he was one tough cookie, and one hell of a man who will be greatly missed by the fight world.
In the ring, Vernon Forrest will be remembered for his two wins against Shane Mosley as well as other fight accolades; outside of the ring he will be remembered as a whole hearted man who gave his time in helping others. I had the pleasure of interviewing Vernon September of 2007, all though it was a short phone interview I will say that the little time I did spend chatting it up with Vernon, he was a very cool cat, and I am honored to say that I did get the chance to interview him.
In the days to come, the family and friends of Vernon will be in mourning, as well as the entire fight world, fighters, fans and20media alike. And hopefully the sketchy details of this sad loss will come out in the open.
As I stated earlier on, July has been a hard month for boxing, not one but five fighters have left their families whether by giving it all in the ring, making a bad decision, or a victim of a senseless act of murder. Convicted Artist Magazine would like to send out our condolences to the families of the recent fallen warriors, and let the ones left behind know, that you are in our thoughts and prayers.
In closing, I would like to add this. I pray that the cowardly criminals who took the life of Vernon Forrest will be caught, and given the maximum penalty for murder. If anybody who may be reading this, and knows the culprits, please contact your local authorities.




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MrSweetScience |
Forrest being murdered truly caught me by surprise. I know they will for sure get caught. The man they killed is too big a name and they will without a doubt let the wrong people know and the police will catch them.
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