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Nov 22nd
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floyd-mayweather-come-backWhile few people truly believe Floyd Mayweather is done at 49-0, it may make a lot more sense than many fans think.  It seems to be a long way to go, only to stop age age 39, at 19 years a pro, and at 49-0.  He is so close to the magic zeroes that are such psychologically satisfying numbers.  Not to mention his 50-0 would mean far more than any other champion who has achieved that mark.  The rest of them did it by record padding, and not facing anyone of consciousness until they were only 40-0.

 Even Joe Calzaghe was largely avoided throughout his 11 year reign at the top, although his 46-0 is the closest thing to Mayweather's 49-0 that we have had.  Forget Chavez and Marciano.  they were 42-0 before their opponents had pulse, and they still required a bit of luck and corruption to remain unbeaten.  Mayweather fought at championship level since he was 21 years old, and 18-0.. with only one controversial decision (not counting the haters who erroneously state he was beaten by De La Hoya or Maidana.  So the first reason he would not comeback is that the legacy cannot get any stronger.  The second reason has to do with landscape.  Who is there?  

Pacquiao has stated he is only fighting one more time, and although a rematch would make money, it would not make nearly as much as the first fight.  The result was exactly what the experts predicted, and not even casuals want to see it again.  Sure, Bob Arum could work his magic and state that Floyd is getting old, and Manny's shoulder is better.  They could even delay it until fall, and build it up, if Pacquiao were able to defeat Terrence Crawford in spectacular fashion (unlikely).  However, the stars aligned just perfectly to make that fight the first time, and I would not bet the farm that it would happen again.

 The 3rd reason is that the rest of the welterweight division could not possibly line up quickly enough to make one leader.  I know that didn't matter before, but it does now.  To make Floyd come out of retirement, it would have to be someone who is not only vulnerable, but has appeared to have taken charge of the division.  Even if Brook-Khan, Bradley-Thurman-Porter winner were to happen by next spring, the true leader would still not emerge until they fought each other, which if you're familiar with Al Haymon, is not likely to happen at all, much less before the end of next year.  Then there is the matter of age.

 Floyd has a style that depends on reflexes, and he cannot wait around forever, only to risk his legacy.  It has to happen by the end of next year, and the only true fighter that has a chance of being p4p top dog within a year is GGG.  I think we all know that fight will never happen.  He is too big, good, and scary for anything less than a prime Mayweather to risk.  Forget 154lbs, Floyd has already said he is not going back there, and Junior Middleweight is a division in transition now without any stars leading the pack... at least not ones whom Floyd has not already beaten.

 To, to sum up:  He cannot come back for just anyone, doesn't have forever, the 147lb division is too deep, and it is his only logical home.  I think we really may be staring at 49-0 forever.  As hard as that is to swallow, we just watched another fighter (Cesar Cuenca) fail to match it at 48-0.  That now means he joins Larry Holmes, Dariusz Michaelchewski, Chris John, and Paul Spadafora as fighters who could not obtain that elusive 49th win.  John and Dariusz never got it at all!  50-0 may sound better, but we are truly splitting hairs by caring.

Chris Strait

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