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Feb 25th
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boxing-fight-predictions-resultsDenis Lebedev vs. Lateef Kayode
So, Lebedev and his cronies have successfully swindled the belt from the better man in Guillermo Jones.  However, the boxing ability that stifled Lebedev will not be present here.  Kayode, whose nickname is Power, really doesn't have as much when he is in with real fighters.  While he may have had his first 2 blemishes erased by performance enhancing drugs (the only thing he has in common with Lebedev), the damage done to his ego was very real.  A punchers chance is all, and I am not betting on it.  Lebedev by wide UD, or late TKO.

Miguel Cotto vs. Canelo Alvarez
The biggest fight of the year not involving Floyd Mayweather.  The winner will also not be able to rest and enjoy this victory (despite the winners always saying they want to do that), because the winner of Golovkin-Lemieux will be there calling them out, supported by the fans.  This one is tough, as each man has faced better fighters than the other, but maybe not as much of a pick 'em fight.  I am not sold on the "new Cotto", I think it was more the result of great timing, and careful matchmaking.  Canelo's chin has shown itself to be very good, even if he has not been hit by a puncher like Cotto yet (Kirkland occasionally got him, but couldn't move him).  Canelo is younger, hungrier, and has better skin, and in the long run, I like that combo.  Canelo by MD or late TKO, after falling behind in the first half of the fight.

Timothy Bradley vs. Brandon Rios
This fight has the potential to be fight of the year, simply because the two names involved have been in those types of fights on multiple occasions.  However, both have learned a lot since then, and I feel we may be in for a good fight, moreso than a great one.  It all depends on what each man has left as well, as neither man is short on damage, and who knows when that is going to show up.  Also, both men have made recent changes in their training camps that have added new aspects to their game.  The choice of Teddy Atlas to train Bradley seems bizarre, because motivation is the last thing Bradley needs.  He needs the discipline to stick with a game plan.  If he does so, he will easily outbox Rios, whom he has no prayer of hurting.  I believe it will switch off from being a war, which benefits Rios, and a boxing match which benefits Bradley.  It will be more one sided when Bradley has his way.  Bradley by a close UD.

Klitschko v. Fury - hold over
I already did this, and nothing has changed since the postponement... Klitschko by long boring UD.


Chris Strait

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