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Apr 12th
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Home Boxing Exclusive Interview with Wera Promotions Founder Maria Escalante
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Exclusive Interview with Wera Promotions Founder Maria Escalante


wera-promotions-el-paso-boxing-eventsThere is a new fight promotion that is about to reel in the interests of the entire Southwest boxing community. It is known now as WERA PROMOTIONS and it is launching its first World Title fight on April 18, 2015.  The El Paso, Texas based boxing promotion promises to bring in top notch fights with regard to best quality and talent. The main event will include El Paso’s Jennifer Han as she takes on IBF Champion Helen Joseph for her IBF featherweight title. The co-main event will feature Hector Camacho Jr. vs. Arturo Mijares. This promotion will utilize the local talents of El Paso, Texas and introduce many of them to the boxing community.

Maria Escalante told in a recent interview that she now has a solid team behind her and together they will lead this promotion and take the initiative to make it great.  Escalante knows what is expected of a boxing promoter, and considers any mistakes a learning experience. She has had a rough past but can now use her knowledge to charge forward in creating this new promotion. If there is one thing you should take away from this article, it is that she believes that if a promotion isn't doing it for the fighters themselves then it is no promotion at all. She doesn't believe anything other than hard work will get her and her team ahead.

Another awesome factor in this promotion is that it will bring more fights to El Paso Texas, keeping boxing alive and exciting in El Paso for the fight fans.  Imagine watching your favorite boxing matches on TV and then quenching your thirst for action by watching a live Wera Promotions fight card. Also, fight fans  can have a say in what is going on because this promotion encourages the community to be active and involved with its projects. Maria and her team are thinking outside the box by bringing you and those around you a new type of boxing experience that will surely be enjoyed.

She has seen what other everyday promotions are all about and is trying to be unique and truly special. She is also willing to give advice to some of the other promotions that are starting out in the local area. Escalante is genuinely trying to make boxing the most enjoyable experience possible. So do check out WERA PROMOTIONS by Maria Escalante, Paul E. Garcia and Robert Tapia. Here is the recent interview with Maria Escalante and her new promotion.

CA: What do you and your team plan to do differently with Wera Promotions?

Maria Escalante: Our plans are different in a way. I am guessing every promoter has the same goals. It is just how you can deliver them. We are planning on being consistent and bringing in good quality fights here to El Paso. There is a lot of local talent here.  I have done six shows here in the past. I understand promoting really well. Right now I have a really great team behind me and we want to do something different. I know that me being a female promoter is going to raise a lot of questions but I am ready. I am ready to take the challenge and do the shows as a female promoter.  Which I have done in the past but now I am taking the responsibility of being the face of a company.
But as far as what we want to do. We want to bring good fights and most importantly give the local boxers the opportunity. The opportunity to succeed, we have done it in the past where all of the fighters that we got on our cards got ranked and I think they were really matched up well. That is all we want to do. Because we know El Paso is a boxing town. We are going to do a good job and bring good quality fights. That is the most important thing!

CA: There have been a lot of boxing promotions that have come and gone in El Paso. You hear about them for a while and you won’t hear about them anymore.  Do you know why this is and why it does not seem to be so consistent?

Maria Escalante: One of the things that I can say is that being a promoter is really hard. It takes a lot of work. It takes a lot of dedication. You really need to be grounded first of all and your priority needs to be the fighters. If you’re not thinking about the fighters and that you are doing this for them. I don’t think that you are going to get anywhere. My opinion is that most of the promoters don’t know exactly what they are going to do. They think they are going to get rich with one or two shows or they are just trying it. Really I don’t know exactly what is going on in their mind. I don’t think they are taking this serious for the long run. You know being able to bring up a fighter slowly and giving them the opportunity to really get out there. For them to get ranked and to possibly get a televised fight . We have big ideas, big hopes and really big goals. But we know what it takes to get there and we are planning and we are going to be patient and consistent and that is what we are going to do.

CA: Do you plan to stick primarily to boxing or do you plan to incorporate mixed martial arts bouts in to your fight cards?

Maria Escalante: You know that is an idea that we have been having. I would love to incorporate that in the future but I think maybe in the first year stick to boxing. I am not going to say no but I want to really focus on boxing at least for the first year. I know that there is a lot of local promoters here in El Paso that are barely starting so I want to be really focused on boxing. So for now I think the first year is just going to be boxing but if something changes and we have the opportunity to do it then we are going to do it.

CA: You have a long history in promotions. What kind of lessons have you learned in what to do and what not to do in promoting fights here in El Paso?  What would you say are some of the things that you would not repeat again and or some of the things that you would like to do better?

Maria Escalante: You know everything! I think that in the last year, year and a half that we were promoting everything happened to us. Everything! Let say that if we were negative at the moment. We would be like why is this happening to us. But I took everything as a learning experience. So everything that happened to me in the past either good or bad, whatever the case I took it as a learning experience.  I am going to learn and do everything better. I came back with this promotion company and I am not going to do what I did in the past. We are going to do it better. We have different plans, better strategies and a better team. We are going to take all the experiences as far as what happened in the past and take it to the next level.

CA: Can you tell us a little about your new team and who you have working with you?

Maria Escalante: Yes, I have Paul Garcia and he is my partner and actually I am glad I have him because like I said in the past we  were organized but we didn’t have a really structured team. Now we have Paul Garcia. We have Robert Tapia who is going to be our event coordinator. Robert use to work in the commission, he was one of the main guys. He has a lot of experience working big fights in Texas. So that is a plus and we are going to have him in the team and he is going to help us with his experience and all his background in the commission. He is not in the Texas commission any more so he is going to be helping me with all our events here in El Paso.

CA: What do you plan to do to get the El Paso Community to support you? Do you have any strategies or anything you plan to do to get more involvement from the community?

Maria Escalante: Yes, that is one of the things that I think is lacking here in El Paso since we know that in the past year boxing has had a bad reputation with everything that has been happening here with the fighters.  So we are planning on changing that. First target the kids and the amateurs because I know they look up to the professional fighters a lot. Basically show that we are really here to help the fighters. To help them grow and for them to be an example. For the young kids and amateurs to embrace boxing and their discipline and the beauty of this sport, to really understand it. I think this is going to help change the lives of a lot of young kids to stay out of the streets and to get focused on something positive.  If boxing is going to help them, I want to bring boxing to their hands and for them to make the decision to do something with boxing or to at least learn something positive from the sport.

Steven Arredondo &  Steven Hassel

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