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May 25th
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premier-boxing-champions-on-nbcDid we all get too excited about John Molina?  From where I sit, he is a glorified journeyman, looking for one big shot.  True, he has gotten that shot off a few times, but he was coming off two losses, one to a completely shot former champion (Humberto Soto).  Should we be surprised that Adrien Broner shut him down and dominated him?  Until someone teaches Molina how to jab, he will always be a lower part of the top 20 fighter.

Did Keith Thurman get the best of both worlds Saturday night?  he got to drop and hurt Robert Guerrero, something no one else has done.  he also got to win a wide unanimous deciision over him.  Something that only Floyd has done.  He also got to overcome adversity, both in the form of the headbutt hematoma (with thich he fought for an impressive 9 rounds), as well as a surging challenge from Guerrero late.  He still managed to win rounds as The Ghost came on.  This fight may have made his overall boxing skills look less impressive than the Zaveck and Bundu fights, but he is experiencing what Pacquiao did when he moved up in weight and caliber... just because you cna p;unch, does not mean you're going to be able to score KOs.

Did Abner Mares wait to long to become relevant again?  He is already a 3-division champion, but much like Donaire and Broner, this leaves little else to do.  One if forced to spen their athletic prime, either chasing even bigger men, or redoing old accomplishments.  You can see the lack of Rigor on mares' face.  besides, he could have easily won a Gonzalez rematch.  Instead, Gonzalez is likely to lose to Russell, a man that Mares probably will not beat.  At 126, there are only losses ahead of mares, especially now that Top Rank fighters are available to him.  However, if he moves to 130lbs, he may get a belt, but maybe not.  Salido is a bad style match-up, too.  Maybe they are putting him in with light-hitters now, for a reason.

Is Raushee Warren being brought along way too slow for a man of his talent?  He would give Zou Shiming a boxing lesson, and easily win belts in two divisions surrounding him.  What are they waiting for?  Warren was the guy Broner looked up to in Cincinnati gyms growing up, and now Broner is light years ahead of "Baby Pit" in the pros.  That's got to hurt.

Did NBC have a very good balance for the inagural PBC on NBC show?  Old and new as far as their cut-aways, their commentary team, and even their coverage.  It was a good mix of enteratining and educating the boxing fans.  Accommodating the die-hards, along with introducing to the new fans.  My only complaint... Broner-Molina not a good opener.  We probably lost a lot of viewers a few rounds into that one.

Chris Strait

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