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Feb 21st
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Home Boxing Floyd Mayweather vs. Marcos Maidana Recap
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Floyd Mayweather vs. Marcos Maidana Recap


mayweather-vs-maidanaLets look at the entire PPV card, and build towards the main.  Sadly there is not as much to say as we had hoped.  Mayweather is still undefeated, but very safety first.  Maidana is still tough, but dirty.  Vasquez is still boring... so boring that judges did not even see him winning against Mickey Bey.  He may be the least sympathetic robbery victim in boxing history.  Alfredo Angulo is finished, and Santa Cruz killed more time.  The real story is how un-scintillating the undercard was in set-up.
Golden Boy/TMT cards have been known to give fans more than Top Rank, yet in this card, they are clearly slipping, and with Macau, it looks as if Top Rank is raising their game for Algieri-Pacquiao, at least in terms of names.  Lomachencko and Shiming may not be tested much in their undercard bouts, but at least they are appearing on it.  Lets look closer at Sept 13.
Angulo seemed to lose all of his pop against Canelo Alvarez, and a plodding slugger with no power behind his shots is dead in the water.  he was able to show his heart, chin, and even stamina against James Delarosa last Saturday, but he also showed his big weaknesses.  His eyes (and reaction to them being injured), as well as his lack of boxing ability.  His power seemed to only half return in this bout, and he was the one who was dropped early.  However, as Delarosa tired from his output, Angulo was still there.  It was hopefully the last time we'll see Angulo, who has made money, and has a style that lends itself to long term damage if a career is extended.
As for Mickey Bey, a shrug of congratulations is in order.  Not that anyone can look good against Vasquez, but he probably didn't even deserve the decision, but he is now the second fighter to win a belt for TMT (ironically both have been IBF... the one belt that Floyd has never won), and especially in his first title fight, it seems to be a case of win today, look good tomorrow.  He beat the number one ranked guy in the division, and if Crawford comes through his fight with Beltran victorious, that could be an intriguing matchup if promoters move towards working together.
Leo Santa Cruz beat a former sparring partner with a paltry record, in a stay buys fight.  Yes, that is not surprising.  The impressive part is the way he did so.  Even the great Floyd does not go against his own style to score victories.  Santa Cruz scored a one-punch knockout, instead of the long sustained volume punching beatings he usually dishes out.  he got rid of the guy he was supposed to.  He even upped the ante of his calling out... from Carl Frampton to Rigo.  Few fighters call out anyone at all anymore, so it is refreshing to at least hear it coming from a young, strong, exciting undefeated champion, who could be taking the easy way out more regularly.  However, Santa Cruz just had, so he wants a tougher test next.  That's a true champion.

Chris Strait


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