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Jun 20th
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Klitschko-MayweatherThere are two dominant forces with many things in common.  Let us look at the undisputed heavyweight champion, as well as then undisputed pound for pound king, for the similar aspects of their lives, and let's also highlight the differences.

1) Both are 1996 Olympic medalists.  Klitschko won gold at Super Heavyweight, while Mayweather was robbed in the semi-finals at Featherweight.

2) Both left their promoters to be their own boss, as their stars rose.  This point is not too important if a fighter is less than stellar, but Bob Arum and Universum actually missed out on the prime fighting, and earning, years of these two very bright businessmen

.3) Both come from fighting families.  The Mayweather family crest is legendary in boxing now, but even Wlad only went to the gym, because his older brother Vitali did so first.

4) Both are completely dominant over their peers.  Not only do they win, they embarrass their opponents with the gap in skill.

5) Both have number one contenders to their throne that they will not/cannot face.  Mayweather had Pacquiao, with the testing and promoter difficulties, while Wlad has his older brother.  Both situations are understandable, but Klitschko's much much moreso.

6) Both are suffering from health-related losses of their trainers.  Floyd turned back to his father, as uncle Roger became more sick.  The tragic loss of Emmanuel Steward also caused Wlad to keep it in the family, utilizing contender and assistant Johnathan Banks as head trainer.

7) Both have had high-profile relationship difficulties.  It is rare nowadays, save for the embarrassment that was "Jessica", that a fighter's personal life is considered important enough to make it into the headlines.  Klitschko's on and off relationship with actress Hayden Panetierre has been a noteworthy exception.  Floyd has also made headlines with "Miss Jackson", and the jail stint he did after an altercation with the mother of his children.

8) Both are accused of being boring, and defensive minded.  Although for entirely different reasons, both men would love nothing more than to make it a full 12 rounds without getting hit once, no matter how many people boo that choice.9) 26" armspan.  Yes, believe it or not, these two men have the same length arms.  Their shoulders are vastly different, as are their hands, but they both have the same arm length!

1) HBO has stuck by Floyd.  Mayweather may have boring fights from time to time, but his personality is anything but.  He is also a US citizen.  This can be the only difference in why he has maintained network interest, while it has been abandoned for big Wlad, unless he is taking on another overhyped challenger like Haye or Povetkin.

2) Knockout punch.  Wlad's defense may be ugly, but he makes up for it by seriously hurting, or knocking out the vast majority of his opponents.  When his fights go the distance, it usually has to do with freakish chin, or cowardice of his opponent.  Mayweather could score more knockouts if he stepped on the gas and took more chances.  However, he is not nearly the devastating banger that Wladimir is.

3) Education and family history.  Wlad possesses a doctorate, while Floyd is your typical ghetto-raised fighter.  School of hard knocks, but few men can calm to have learned more from that experience than Mayweather.

4) Perfection.  Mayweather's chin, stamina, and defense were always good enough to avoid defeat.  Wlad had to learn those things the hard way.  His learning curve has been amazing, but he did make it 8 years into his pro career before he really got good.These are two men hardly anyone compares, but I can think of five more similarities than I can differences.  Kind of makes you think about what we admire in a fighter, and why.

Chris Strait


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