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Feb 23rd
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chavez-jr-vs-veraBrian Vera gets screwed against JC Chavez Jr?  Surely, you jest.  Yes, our sport of shitty decisions continues.  It will continue for many reasons, and will never stop.  It will never improve.  Just enjoy the action, as well as the knowledge that most of the time the screwed fighter usually gets his shot anyway, out of sympathy.  We often see this coming now, to the point where we are pleasantly surprised when it does not happen.  The reason for this is clear.
What most of the general public does not know is how little regulation there is on judges in a normal circumstance.  Judges are flown in by the host promoter, put up in nice hotels, given free food, drugs, women, whatever they wish.  The implication is clear.  If you score against my guy, you will not be back.  We seem to think the new judges scoring fights at home in bizarre ways do not fall under this, as it is a domestic fight.  We think they were just not experienced enough.  However, this is often just an audition for bigger events.
Let's look at the two California judges who handed in inexplicable 98-92 and 97-93 scores for Chavez.  Marty Denkin has enjoyed a long and prosperous career as a judge.  He does not want it to end.  He knows how to play the game.  Gwen Adair is hoping for more choice assignments.  That could be the only explanation for their scores.  I have spoken with both of them.  Nice enough people, and intelligent.  They are not incompetent.  They are merely looking for a reason to score for the fighter that will promise them more work.  How many times have we seen these controversial judges rehired over and over again.  It is because, to the promoters... there is no controversy.
Bob Arum hires those who play ball.  As does Don King, Golden Boy, Sauerland, Gary Shaw, Goossen, etc.  Felix Sturm is his own promoter.  Do you think they finally found justice in their hearts, when Soliman and Geale got the decisions over Sturm?  Hardly.  Their promoters learned the game, and simply had more earning power than Sturm.  If it appears that 50 Cent fighters don't get the close nod as much as we'd like, that is to send a message to 'Fiddy'... play ball, or you'll never get a decision in any state.
The way to end this is to totally revamp boxing to include 7-11 judges, have them appointed last minute... have them come from a pool of registered boxing experts, who are already attending the fight.  Keep the pay low (we'd do it for nothing, but shhh, don't let that out).  And have the commission appoint them, with no input from promoters.  It is an easy fix, and had the promoters not gotten used to the cherry way it is for them, we'd have it.  However, it is much the same way as for health care in the U.S.
We let doctors and insurance companies have it too good for too long... and now, they won't be decent human beings, because it would mean a step backwards.  You want what you are used to.  They are used to total control.  The bad decision benefitted everyone who had a business stake in this bout.  Chavez still looks like a quality opponent for Ward (even though he is not), and Vera will get his sympathy money fight at 160.  The only people who suffer are the fans, but we have consistently shown ourselves to keep coming back for more, no matter how often we are mistreated.

Chris Strait


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