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Aug 11th
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boxing imageFloyd Mayweather vs. Canelo Alvarez
The biggest fight of the year, by far.  This is as close to the hype and pre-fight excitement of a Mayweather-Pacquiao fight as we are ever likely to get.  One can never silence your critics, as they are critiquing you for some things that are beyond your control, but any sane naysayer will be silenced if Floyd puts on a clinic against Alvarez.  Canelo is such a wild card for the divergent ways in which he wins fights.  A physically strong man, his once feared power has not been much of a factor at the higher levels, except in that it illicits respect.  However, none of his skills would really be effective against Floyd.  If he goes defensive, Floyd will simply pick his spots.  If he is aggressive, Mayweather will employ his excellent defense.  If he leads, he will be countered.  If he tries to counter, Floyd is already gone.  Alvarez has one realistic chance... the hope that Maywetaher's reflexes show significant rust, and he can be outhustled.  Other than that, it's a close start, but then another pull-away win for Mayweather, by UD.

Lucas Matthysse vs. Danny Garcia
The best undercard fight since Canelo himself took on Mosley, except this match is pitting two men in their prime against one another.  It is also for the undisputed 140lb championship, and an unspoken assumption that the winner may be next in line to face Mayweather, should Floyd be victorious only an hour later.  Danny Garcia is the most durable fighter Matthysse will have faced, but thus far, that has not been what bothered the Argentine to this point.  A slick southpaw who is durable might be the worst person to face Matthysse, and Garcia is not that guy.  He may take Matthysse late, but Lucas is on fire, and I think Garcia only knows how to pressure an opponent.  Much like Peterson, this will lead to his demise.  Garcia will do his best, and make it a memorable night, but his corner or the ref will have seen enough, probably by round 8.

David Haye vs., Tyson Fury
David Haye does not have a good chin, but his chin has actually never cost him a professional fight.  His two losses came from fear and wind.  He knows how to protect himself, especially from a fighter who himself has a weak chin, and widely telegraphed punches.  Fury will be a fun watch while he still has confidence, but it will take a big hit here.  For those who think the size will matter, this will only be so, if Haye has begun to slip athletically, which I don't believe has happened.  He lost to Wladimir Klitschko because Klitschko is one of the most underrated heavyweight champions in history, not because of size.  I don't see this as a competitive fight, as while Haye's fame is as much a beneficiary of hype as Fury's... Haye can actually fight.  Haye by brutal, one sided kayo, inside of 4 rounds.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr vs. Brian Vera
This is actually more of a test for Vera, to see if his style of spoiler works on a physically strong opponent who backs guys up.  Boxers who fight off the back foot have been upset by the Texan, yet Vera is sure to meet head-on resistance from Chavez Jr.  Top Rank knows JCC Jr still equals dollars, and are only taking this fight because it will be entertaining, and probably not threaten their cash cow.  Vera will provide resistance, as he always does, but the moment he is staggered, expect a typical early stoppage by a California ref, probably in round 9.


Chris Strait

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