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Dec 02nd
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Home Boxing Canelo Alvarez vs. Austin - Predetermined Verdict
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Canelo Alvarez vs. Austin - Predetermined Verdict


saul canelo alvarezIt’s called the Texas 4-Step. First the judges are aligned for a predetermined verdict if the bout goes to a decision. 2nd, without prior knowledge of the Trout Team, the under cover of the ring was changed to thick foam to slow down the boxer Trout’s movement and or retreating to angles quickly. Third, It  was a hard-core Chicano San Antonio Audience who have no respect for the American Flag or National Anthem that was intimidating…not to Trout but to the judges. Too bad they don’t get all the American goodies by first having to be drafted (Like my generation) into the Armed Services. Look at the olden times when men like Manny Ortega and other immigrants fought for this country and gave their respects just like my ancestors and even me, Semper fi.

Bill Knight confirmed same as he was there and told me  the fans were ugly.  And fourth is the worst of all. Since some goons in control of boxing decided to weigh in the day before the fight instead of fight day, all kinds of legal ‘chicanery’ and illegal steps have been taken by the nefarious ones to gain a supreme advantage over the innocent or those with little clout.

CASE IN POINT. Trout and Alvarez weighed in around 154 pounds as Light Middleweights. But as soon as that was over, Alvarez is on the juice. Of course to make weight he had to take diuretics. He is a light heavyweight before the diuretics. Then the IV’s begin to replace what the diuretics took away. Some boxers even get a good shot of adrenalin and some blood-doping (Texas is so lax..for a reason). Later, some B-12 and other fluids are pumped in along with some heavy protein and glucose. After a good meal of protein and vitamins, a little more adrenalin  and later a pinch of a stimulant(possible) before fight time mixed with a slight dose of pain killer liquids on the stomach and hands and perhaps some internally makes for a  surprising finish in less than 24 hours. Really? Yes indeed, Canelo entered the ring at a reported 172 pounds. Trout, like Mayweather, is thin and cut. They can’t soup up their bodies, they are ectomorph’s while Canelo is a mesomorph. And there you have the Texas 4-Step. Trout was knocked down for the first time in his career. Uh oh, but not by a light middleweight…rather a light heavyweight.  

Bill Knight and half of the boxing websites I have visited and sites of many former world champions still gave Trout a 115-113 victory and co - incidentally, so did I. Hey, what courage and stamina Austin displayed after the knockdown. All he did was dominate the next 2 ½ minutes of the round. He set the pace for eight of the twelve rounds and he landed many more punches than Alvarez (the giant). He easily took the 12th round to secure a victory  that wasn’t about to come because of the ‘bought and paid for judges’ and the sinister circumstances. An aside note: From my viewpoint, that crowd might have caused a shameful riot and massive destruction if Trout even came close to getting the judges nod. Better safe than sorry for the judges might have also been a secondary reason for their sway away from Trout. And Shame on De LaHoya and his greed with his new ‘Cash Cow.”

The ‘Open Scoring?’ Makes me sicker than my chemotherapy.

Mayweather will not fight Canelo because Mayweather can’t even get over 149 pounds when he is not seriously training. Besides, his camp says that Canelo should be fighting Julio Caeser Chavez Jr. or some other light heavyweight. Just “Why” they say “Would Mayweather give Canelo a weight advantage over twenty pounds?” Go figure Frankie. Alkie Nicholson, in one dumb move, ruined Many Ortega’s father from the opportunity to be a world champion. Manny was on a win streak and being looked at as a serious contender. But a so-called promoter in San Antonio convinced Alkie to put Manny against a middleweight in the Alamo City just for a fitness fight. Right, just why do we have weight divisions? Because a fit and experienced boxer is lethal with his guns and conditioning and rarely can one give up one or two or three weight divisions, as  in the Sr. Ortega’s case, and expect to be successful. One can be hurt seriously in such a one-sided scenario and that is exactly what happened. Manny at 126 pounds? I liked Alkie but that was stupid and nonsensical.

Alex Guerrero was with Manny in San Antonio and was baffled by the fact that 126 pound Manny was matched in such a wicked manner. It was worse than that. Manny was beaten to a pulp but refused to quit and went the distance. When they drove back to El Paso, Alex said that Manny refused to go to the hospital even though he was brutally beaten inside and outside of his body. Even though he gave some outstanding performances later in his career. He just never could get to the peak he was climbing before the serious beating he took in San Antonio.

Strange, As I write this, Alex’s sister, Maria Abernethy, just e mailed me and she too watched the fight with her husband and scored the fight for Trout. Interesting. Also, former world champion, Eddie Chambers, is furious over the judging as are so many experts. But don’t mess with ‘T E X A S.’

Okay, Oscar and Texas have done it well to ensure the ‘Cash Cow’ will make a few more millions for the team and Canelo. But to call out Mayweather may be just the wrong step. Unless boxing quickly goes back to having weigh in’s on fight day and being fair all around (at least 90%) on selection of judges, ref’s, ring conditions, fair money distribution, drug testing and elimination of pain killers, etc., they will surely watch the continuing Exodus of young people to MMA; and wonder why.

Oh, even Mayweather has fragile hands and uses liquid painkillers on them.

Though a few are enjoying the immediate ‘Cash Windfall’ many more will soon say “Adios” to boxing and the cash flow will slow to a snail’s pace. And MMA will address their shortfalls that turn folks away from the contestants and build up a world-wide base in the next decade or two that will stun the boxing world…unless??????????????????

Congrats to Austin Trout. He overcame huge obstacles to hang tough with the light heavyweight Canelo Alvarez and though his belt is now gone he is still the Champ and deservedly so. He did his part and let the chips fall where they may. He is clamoring for a rematch but I say, “Only if the weights can be even, the money even, a proper ring, reliable judges, and…What Happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.’’

Thomas McKay

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축구 베팅  - Canelo Alvarez vs. Austin - Predetermined Verdict |
Best movie i have ever seen !
Tom McKay  - A good fight between Saul Canelo Alvarez and Austi |
A good fight between Saul Canelo Alvarez and Austin Trout but lousy scoring. I suppose that quick 7th rd knockdown made it easy for the judges to stay with Alvarez. However, Trout took the rest of the round. Okay, Alvarez wins but Trout was stout and was winning it at the finish. He did what he had to do what with the stacked deck he was up against.
Tom McKay  - Comments below from some knowledgeable fight fans |
And we go to the cards:
115-112, 116-111, 118-109 all for the winner and now unified junior middleweight champion...Saul "Canelo" Alvarez
Close, competitive fight. But Trout made the fight in most of the rounds. But these cards are not going to reflect reality.
11:58 PM ET

All Canelo needed to do was stay on his feet/land a couple shots a round. Trout never had a chance despite making the fight. #boxing
— Gabriel Montoya™ (@Gabriel_Montoya) April 21, 2013
11:57 PM ET

You can say anything you want about this fight. It was close and competitive regardless of what the official cards will say.
Had the 12th for Trout and gave him the fight 115-113. But he will lose and wide on the Texas scorecards.
11:55 PM ET

Open scoring. Just a chance to make you angry before you heard the official verdict. Alvarez taking no chances in the 12th because he knows he has it won.
11:53 PM ET

Gave Canelo the 11th round but have it 105-104 for Trout.
But he needs a knockout to win the fight due to the crazy Texas scorecards.
11:51 PM ET

Trout never stood a chance with these judges. Pathetic. #Boxing deserves everything it gets. #CaneloTrout @shosports
— Gabriel Montoya™ (@Gabriel_Montoya) April 21, 2013
11:50 PM ET

Gave Canelo a close 10th round but Trout leads 6-4 on my card.
96-94 Trout.
11:49 PM ET

Those scores they just announced sucked. This is why I'm so conflicted by my sport. Pisses me off.
— Lou DiBella (@loudibella) April 21, 2013
Disgrace. Close fight. Can go either way but that guy simply isn't watching the fight.
11:48 PM ET

Wow at the scorecards! Now trout need a KO..
— Eddie Chambers (@Champfasteddie) April 21, 2013(Former World Champion)
Saying either guy won every round is absolutely ludicrous.
11:47 PM ET

Open scoring being used. @albernstein announced scores, Alvarez ahead on all three cards. #boxing #CaneloTrout
— Dan Rafael (@danrafaelespn) April 21, 2013
One of the judges gave Canelo EVERY round. Absolutely ridiculous. You can easily say he's winning the fight but every round? That's incompetence.
11:46 PM ET

Here's the deal. Canelo is fighting in spurts and with flash when he does. Trout is being more consistent, and active but not landing many hard shots.
That makes this one helluva tricky fight to score.
6-3 Trout. 87-84
11:42 PM ET

11:40 PM ET

Very easy eighth round to score.
Trout came back well from the knockdown and Canelo seemed to give that one away.
77-75 Austin Trout
11:39 PM ET

Josh Hedges/Getty Images
Canelo letting Trout dictate the pace. Seems either tired, or loading up for one big shot.
11:38 PM ET

Canelo wins rd 7 10-8 with the clean knockdown. Trout did well to survive. Been a good fight. #boxing #CaneloTrout
— Dan Rafael (@danrafaelespn) April 21, 2013
Can make the case for a 10-9 round there. Trout knocked down but won the rest of the round.
11:37 PM ET

What a crazy round. Trout dropped in the opening seconds, Canelo punches himself out and gets dominated for the final two minutes.
High drama in San Antonio.
Canelo gets the 10-9 round because he lost most of it.
4-3 Trout.77-76
11:35 PM ET

Alvarez scores the knockdown in the seventh but looks gassed after not getting Trout outta there quick.
11:35 PM ET

Give Trout credit he's fighting back but staying in the pocket and Canelo has way too much power for that.
11:34 PM ET

Straight right drops Trout to start the seventh round!!!!
11:32 PM ET

Very good sixth round for Austin Trout. Can't tell if Canelo is tired or playing possum but that was a clear round for Trout.
He leads 4-2 68-66 on my card at the midway point.
11:31 PM ET

Elsa/Getty Images
Big flurry for Trout with Canelo on the ropes. Alvarez avoided a lot of those shots but looks good to the judges.
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