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Jun 29th
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Home Art Art Gallery Modern Day Comic Pin-Up Artist Tyson McAdoo Interview
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Modern Day Comic Pin-Up Artist Tyson McAdoo Interview

tyson_mcadooTyson McAdoo is one contemporary artist that we take pleasure in featuring.  We have yet to find an artist who can thoroughly blend yesterdays vintage pin-up  girl with today’s relentlessly seductive and independent women as well as he can. McAdoo sketches exquisite comic style pin-up girls in erotic stilettos and sexy lingerie. He blesses each of his beautiful creations with eyes of mystery and the alluring gaze of larceny. In a recent interview with Convicted Artist we learned more about McAdoo.  The talented artist began his career in art at a young age. He was later recruited by The Joe Kubert School of Cartooning and Graphics Arts where he began specializing in cartoon & comic art.
If McAdoo’s style looks familiar, that is because he has worked for industry leaders in comic art. After graduation in 2000, McAdoo began working for comic book giants Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Dark Horse, Wildstorm and even the colossal Cartoon Network.  After several years in the cartoon and comic business, McAdoo decided to leave the industry of drawing sexy super hero's  and created his very own line of dangerously seductive art.  “I used to work for Marvell and DC Comics. I drew men in tights all day long. And I got very tired of it. So I started drawing women. And I have been doing it ever since” said McAdoo.
McAdoo is one of few artists who's creations ride the fine line between naughty and nice. His modern day pin-ups are sexy and fashionable, yet rebellious and unconventional.  We asked McAdoo if he considered himself a natural born artist or if he learned these skills in school.  He  responded by saying “You know when you are a kid and you draw photos. Mom is like “Oh it's so Good” and they put it on the fridge. But you really don’t become I guess a true artist until after school. So I went to school to learn how to wow the crowd. I always had a little bit of talent but school definitely pushed me in the right direction.”

Tyson is one of the few modern day artists we admire and keep up with. We are proud to showcase his artwork and will continue updated our viewers on his latest projects.

Steven Arredondo






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